A Guide to Interior Door Selection

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When decorating or redecorating your household, one of the things that is majorly overlooked is door design. This can have a significant effect on the overall look and feel of every room and the house in general. Doors set the feel of a room, and the right choice can take it a long way to achieving the desired results. The idea of having to choose individual doors is a very daunting one. However, due to the multiple appealing choices available at online shops like the Online Door Store, the task is greatly simplified.

Picking the style of the door is greatly influenced by the architecture of the household. If the look is more archaic, more ornate and carved doors would be suitable. On the contrary, if the design is more modern, elegant and straightforward designs would be the way to go. With a vast array of designs to choose from, ranging from contemporary, old age, Victorian, walnut and many others to choose from, the look and feel of the household can be easily managed to reflect the complete design of the residence.

The material of the door is another major decision as not all materials are suitable for every design phase. Also, the type of room for which the door is being chosen plays a vital part in this decision. Laundry, pantry and sunrooms usually have glass panelled doors while those leading to personal areas, such as the bedroom or bathroom, are more likely to be solid doors.

The frame in which you place the door also adds to the design element. Elaborate and ornate designs can be framed with relatively simpler designs, while doors that are modern and simplistic in the design are a better fit with a more complicated and designed pattern for the door frame. Luckily, at the Online Door Store, there are many categories of frames available to choose from, and you can easily find what best suits the architecture of the residence.

After the design and the frame of the door have been chosen, the paintwork on the door will determine the final look of the overall design. There are multiple design options when it comes to paint, and bold, flashy colour choices can make the design stand out and add a very artistic and fun element to the design. Similarly, matte and muted colour palettes can also be added to make it a serious and simplistic look. It all depends on the purpose and style of the design and the room it is intended for. Artistic design work gives ample room to experiment and flowing creativity often leads the best out of everything.

The decision to decorate or redecorate a residence is not an easy decision and one that stays for years. The whole process might feel very intimidating and to help with the decision but a bit of research and expert opinions can take you a long way in achieving your goal.

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