Introducing the delicious chocolate bon bons being created at Ropes & Twines, Bold Street

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bon bons made on Bold Street

There is a creative process taking place at Ropes & Twines’ Bold Street coffee shop, where each of their hand crafted chocolate bon bons are made using a special three stage process which takes three days to complete.

The coffee shop and speciality wine bar has created a selection of beautiful, handmade chocolate bon bons that you won’t find anywhere else in Liverpool.

Chocolatier, Remy, creating Ropes & Twines' bon bons
Chocolatier, Remy, creating Ropes & Twines’ bon bons

Perfect for Christmas presents, or simply for a treat for chocolate lovers, the beautiful bon bons come in a range of flavours. Each is meticulously hand created by Ropes & Twines’ chocolatier Remy.

Each bon bon is hand painted and finished with shiny tempered chocolate to create the exquisitely glossy finish.

Flavours include banana caramel with peanut ganache (Ve); port wine reduction with roasted pine nuts and bitter 70% ganache (Ve). The list goes on: apricot gel with matcha ganache, lemongrass syrup with Geisha espresso ganache, red currant gel with pistachio white chocolate ganache, pineapple gel with lapsing oolong ganache. Mango and chilli gel with coconut infused Pandan ganache certainly appeals. Or you might go for: pear gel with walnut ganache, or sour cherry, dark chocolate orange gel with Cointreau ganache.

A selection of Ropes & Twines' bon bons

The bon bons are a deliciously indulgent Christmas treat and can be purchased in boxes of six for £10 or boxes of 15 for £20. There is an option to add to any of Ropes & Twines’ Christmas hampers. This also include its coffee and speciality wines which are both sourced from around the world. These are rotated regularly to ensure the variety remains both fresh and interesting.

creating the perfect chocolate bon bons

Remy Kuijken, Ropes & Twines’ chocolatier, said: “We’ve been working incredibly hard to perfect the chocolate bon bons and make sure that each element of them is just right. Each is created in three different steps. First we create the chocolate shell that holds the bon bon together. Then the filling is carefully piped in before it’s covered in tempered chocolate to achieve a beautifully glossy finish..They’re then individually hand painted.

“The flavours are interesting, rich and indulgent and a box of the chocolate bon bons makes a lovely Christmas present Or (make it) a little treat for those who really love and appreciate all things chocolate.”

Ropes & Twines’ chocolate bon bons can be purchased in store or online at:

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