Is it time you took a break?

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A lot has been written about hustle-culture and the pressure many of us feel to be ultra-productive in work, while making plenty of time for our family, friends and hobbies, not to mention maintaining an Instagram-worthy exercise regime.

In an era where we can feel under pressure to make every moment count, it’s no surprise that many of us end up feeling like our to-do lists just keep getting longer, and our diaries keep filling up, leaving us with very little time to rest and unwind.

Also, even when you do get a quiet day off, simply looking around your living room while enjoying a little hard earned sofa time can leave your mind whirring with DIY tasks that you keep meaning to tick off your list, or de-cluttering and cleaning that needs doing.

Sometimes when you’re starting to feel a little burnt out and aren’t finding it as easy as usual to unwind at the weekend, a change of scenery can be the ideal way to have a reset and recharge your batteries, away from the day-to-day pressures of life at home.

Whether it’s taking a holiday in Weymouth, booking yourself into a day spa, or getting some winter sun, taking a break from your daily routine will help you de-stress and get a some perspective.

Then, once you return home, His & Hers has a few tips to hold on to that sense of relaxation when life gets busier again.

  • Take plenty of pictures, and get your favourites printed to display around your home. Also, if you’ve had a great mini-break or day out with a friend, why not send them a few pictures, too.
  • Think about some simple activities – such as going for a stroll or savouring a nice cup of tea that you can fit into your schedule even when life is hectic. Then think about how you could make these everyday pleasures more enjoyable, perhaps by meeting a friend for a walk once a week, or for teas or coffees at a local café.
  • Whether it’s every night, every week or even every month, write down a few things that you’re grateful for.
  • If you have a few friends that you don’t see often and tend to keep in touch with online, consider scheduling some ‘phone calls for a more personal way to stay in touch.
  • Look out for tiny ways to treat yourself. Perhaps that’s by buying yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers, taking the time to savour a bath or by cooking yourself a healthy and delicious dinner. Or simply by enjoying an early night or mini lie-in. Treats don’t have to cost a lot to enhance your enjoyment of your week.

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