Considered acts of kindness: organisations delivering in spades, in a crisis

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Easter is a time of faith, rebirth and renewal. And the fact it is a chocolate related celebration, that involves flip-flopping Easter bunnies, does not detract from the deeper meaning at all. Seemed a good time to celebrate the ‘we just do what we can to help’ people out there. We imagine NHS front-line workers and care workers always knew that a day like this would come. Never the less, we should never, ever forget what we owe to ridiculously matter-of-fact, heroic NHS staff and care workers, who do more than they can.

WORDS: Jean Hill

Trussell Trust

Love, compassion and empathy have become the guiding principles of everyday life, in the middle of a world-wide pandemic.  Food banks are determined to continue to deliver on the lifeline of emergency food. Methods of delivery and processes have had to change to ensure safety.

Food banks can no longer offer a cup of tea and a friendly listening ear and a hands on experience. Closing them is a big loss. The good news is that as many as possible are continuing to provide food, but using different approaches.

Michael McIntyre is offering to video call people who donate to his Trussell Trust crowdfunder, and Liam Payne is supporting over 100 food bank centres to provide much needed meals.  On the Wirral, there is a coordinated effort to get food to those who need it:


Oxfam shops needed to close down temporarily. That did not stop their volunteers, who donated eggs to NHS staff and local food banks.

Oxfam are calling on the World Bank and world leaders to #CancelTheDebt and help fight coronavirus in the world’s poorest countries.


Sometimes people just need to talk, and at those times of crisis, someone just needs to listen. The Samaritans are offering help and support to NHS staff on-line, and support for the rest of us through:

A Stitch in time

High-end British fashion brand Burberry has turned over production in its Yorkshire factory to making protective gowns for healthcare workers combating the coronavirus.

Burberry wanted to help in an emergency, and wanted to keep on employing as many of their staff as they possibly could. Their effort is totally appreciated.

Prada has offered to help with production of protective gear, as have H & M, Uniqlo and Chanel.

Beauty lends a helping hand

Estée Lauder, Guerlain, Coty Inc and L’Oréal have switched their production to providing hand sanitizer. This is very much needed for front line medical staff, and those who are vulnerable (as well as the rest of us). Estée Lauder has donated £2 million to Mèdecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) who operate internationally, and venture into conflict zones.

Fashion seal of approval

Louis Vuitton has now reopened a number of its production sites in order to help manufacture protective equipment on a mass scale. It is an impressive response to an emergency.

British heritage label Barbour announcing its workforce has been tasked with turning out garments to support local NHS Trusts. NHS workers cannot help but appreciate the quality of the gowns being delivered to North East hospitals, and the incredible spirit behind the initiative.

Scrubbing up in an emergency

One nurse in making scrubs for her colleagues. When she finishes her 48 hour shift, she sets up on her sewing machine. There are no words that adequately describe such dedication. If you want to get involved, this is where you find the pattern for scrubs, but, obviously, you need to apply specs to meet standards:

Making a different contribution

Dyson, are geared up to make ventilators, in their Wiltshire factory, for the NHS. Potentially, they could fill a 10,000 order from government . Germany is providing the UK with some ventilators for free. All totally appreciated.

Showing some foodie love

Last week Vermilion provided meals to frontline NHS staff at their neighbouring hospital, North Manchester General Hospital. This week, they’ve going further afield with more donations to help those in need during this pandemic crisis.

Monday, Vermilion delivered their food to the Manchester homeless charity, ‘Barnabus’.  

Vermilion delivered more hot meals to NHS Frontline staff at the Royal Oldham Hospital A & E department, and on 8th April, to The Manchester Children’s Hospital.

NHS workers get a free ride to work (Merseyside area)

NHS workers can travel for free Arriva, Stagecoach and Merseyrail. When you consider long shifts and stress and strain involved, this is a lovely gesture, that really helps.

Alpha Taxis are spreading some sunshine in local communities

Alpha Taxis collected essential items from Home Bargains. They delivered these items to Everton in the Community, LFC Foundation, St Andrew’s Community Network and The Big Help Project. This meant that vulnerable people and people in need got what they needed to help see them through difficult times.

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, NHS Foundation Trust

The Mental Health Helpline is open 24 hours a day: 03003033972

Blackburn House Group

Blackburn House Group were sighted delivering 100 meals to @cccnhs at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Small ,and not so small, acts of kindness make all the difference.

Refuge and Morecrofts Solicitors

There is help out there for those suffering from domestic abuse. #You are not alone with a national domestic helpline: 08082000247. Refuge operate the help-line and there is a website:

Morecrofts Solicitors, based in Liverpool, want to highlight that help is available, and they have worked hard to highlight the issue of domestic abuse, holding an annual domestic abuse conference, and providing updates on support available for victims of domestic abuse online during the lockdown.

Independents in the community

Claremont Farm Shop (on the Wirral) will deliver, within the area, to the vulnerable and over seventies. Otherwise you can make a contactless pick-up of your shopping from their car-park outside the farm shop.

Windmills Wholefoods on Aigburth Road, Liverpool seem to have a wonderful selection of organic food, that is almost certain to boost your mood.

Dhuma Indian Restaurant

Dhuma in Moreton serves uncommonly good food. It is good to know that they will deliver (to some areas in the Wirral). Telephone: 0151 6775366 and

Crisis are still helping people who are homeless and finding them somewhere to stay. They are also delivering emergency food packages.

Apologies to any organisations I have missed out. Love and peace.

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