La Mer’s Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation Reviewed

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Years ago, I remember investing in my first ‘proper’ foundation from a beauty counter, putting an end to my ill-fated attempts to do my own colour matching. Finally, my face and neck were the same shade and I felt like a woman in control of my own pores as I threw my MAC Studio Fix into my handbag for on-the-go make-up touch-ups.

Eventually, I’d have my head turned by a series of new lightweight liquid foundations, and my old MAC compacts would be consigned to make-up history. But I never quite got over them, because although it might seem like we’ve come a long way in the make-up game, with our seamlessly integrated SPFs and our foundation sponges and brushes, every once in a while I’d quite like the option of retouching my make-up on the go.

I’d tried decanting liquid foundation into little travel bottles for flights, which on the plus size makes a person feel very organised (especially if you write nice labels) but which, in the minus column, is likely to lead to spillage and wastage somewhere down the line. So, having failed to create my own chuck it in your handbag and forget it foundation, I’ve had to wait for someone with more expertise in this kind of thing to intervene.

Happily, the Korean skincare experts, not satisfied with adding a whole load of steps into our skincare routines, were on the case, introducing cushion foundations (basically a liquid foundation within a compact with an oh-so-tactile sponge) onto the market about three years ago.

And in spring 2018 La Mer brought out their Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation (which is basically the Rolls Royce of compact foundations). I was lucky enough to have a meeting booked with the La Mer communications team to trial the product on counter at Selfridges in Manchester. My first thoughts were that the foundation looks lovely (it’s a little like carrying a Chanel make-up mirror in that you won’t mind fishing it out from your handbag at all!) It’s lightweight and has a nice luminous finish, which you can easily build up with a make-up brush. It also has a built-in SPF (factor 20) and feels like it’s delivering some skincare benefits while you’re wearing it.

Unlike a traditional compact foundation, it won’t settle into any open pores or accentuate fine lines, and if anything I’d say that it gives a bit of a dewy, airbrushed look to the skin. Where I really rate it is for on-the-go touch ups, because it won’t cake if applied on top of existing make-up and is really easy to use in a hurry (and I don’t know about you, but personally, I need a foundation like that for those days when time seems to inexplicably speed up the closer you get to leaving the house). La Mer offer a free engraving service, so there’s a chance to add a word or two to the compact to make yourself or someone else smile every time they use it.

RRP: £90. The compact comes with one refill included in the box and future refills cost £45.

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