Latest Holiday Home Trends for Winter

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holiday home trends

Keeping your holiday home up to date throughout the year is of the utmost importance. Styling your home with the latest trends will better market your home. Holiday homes start to become less maintained during the off-season when booking times become quieter. Most homes are left alone until summer time, which is when people start looking after their holiday property more efficiently.

However, there are easy to action trends you can keep up with for the winter time for your home. You can see the latest winter trends below by Schofields, who are an online holiday home insurance company. They’ve provided their tips for keeping up to date in the off-season.


  • Having a brightly lit hallway gives a warm opening impression for your guests. Installing bright bulbs for your entrance will go a long way.

  • Add a stylish hallway mirror.

  • Plants have a fresh scent which is perfect for the entrance of the home. They’re also visually appealing for your home too.

  • Ensure that you maintain clear open spaces and keep the clutter to a minimum. The less happening in your homes entrance, the better. Why not add a shoe rack to keep your hallway neat and tidy.
holiday home

Living room

  • If you’re wanting to create a sociable living space, add large floor cushions for people to sit on and add more chairs in your living room. The living room will be the place you’ll spend the most time in the house, so you want to make it comfortable and welcoming for guests.

  • Footstools can be used as additional seating for your living room and also can be used as a side table for people’s drinks.

  • Get some new artwork in for your living room. Store a few pieces of artwork away and change them throughout the year, based on the season. This will make them fit in with the time of year and decor. For example; for the festive period, when your Christmas tree is up alongside other Christmas decorations, you can then add in your festive artwork to blend in with the room.

  • Wood burning stoves are a brilliant feature for your living room. They provide a relaxing atmosphere as well as a great talking point for people.
  • Combine wallpaper and paint for your living room decor. Graham & Brown wallpaper of the year, Bloomsbury Neo Mint, is a great suggestion.
holiday home 1


  • Another social zone is the kitchen area. Provide a great focal point for the kitchen by investing in marble countertops. They provide a sleek designed look and a luxury feel for the kitchen.

  • Having open shelving instead of cupboards will help to put your personal stamp on your kitchen. Purposely display your fancy plates and bowl sets, along with fancy glassware.

  • Pendant lights provide a nice relaxing atmosphere.

  • Having hanging pans over your kitchen worktops provides a fashionable feature for your kitchen’s work area.
  • Fresh flower displays in the window or on top of your countertops fill your kitchen with life and provide a fresh scent.
holiday home 2


  • Dulux colour of the year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn; this would be a perfect choice for your bathroom decor. This shades provides a stylish and relaxing coat of colour, perfect for your guests.

  • Place a small plant into your bathroom for a fresh smell and relaxing aroma.

  • On display toiletries will make your guests feel more at home. Display packaged bars of soap and liquid hand soaps around the sink. Fresh towels of different sizes are a nice touch, too.

holiday home 3


  • Provide your bedroom with a colour update. There’s great colour choices recommend through Farrow & Ball’s collection.
  • ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark’ makes a great cosy bedroom colour from their collection.

  • Shelves are a great addition to your bedroom. They offer a neat way to showcase your ornaments, plants, artwork and candles.

  • Once you’ve landed your new themed bedroom colour(s), look to change up the bedding and pillows to match the theme.

holiday home 4


  • Create more space in your garden for the new year. Create new outside displays, wall features and get rid of anything dated.

  • Add herb pots, plants and tubs of fruit and veg.

  • Invest in solar lights to create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere.

  • Wild and perennial flowers add a nice touch to your garden.
holiday home 5

Look after your holiday home at this time of year. Implement these trends into your home to keep everything up to date with a fresh look. Some trends are easy and can be actioned right away, some trends may take some time, but ultimately, they’re worth it.

Have you seen any home interior trends out there that have caught your eye? Is there anything new you’ll be adding to your home for 2020?

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Schofields. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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