Is Your Level Of Exercise Right For You?

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Exercise can be a tricky thing to keep up with, considering all the twists and turns it can take you down. Sometimes we do too much in one go, a lot of the time we don’t do enough, and if you’re looking to burn a few more calories here and there, you might want to look into your level of exercise. Is it really right for you?

Are You Out of Breath?

If you’re not out of breath after your workout, you’re not working hard enough! Your body has clearly gotten used to the level of exercise you’re getting up to, and that means it’s time to increase the intensity of the circuits you do. Being breathless is a good sign that your heart is needing to pump as hard as it can, and if your heart is pounding, you’re doing a good job. 

Maybe you just need to work out for a bit longer, or maybe you need to include a few more exercises in between your old reps – either way, the level of exercise you’re undertaking needs to go up. 

Are You Strength Training Frequently Enough?

If you’re only committing to cardio training, such as running or jogging early in the morning, or you love your Pilates class after work, you might want to switch your routine up a little. After all, the more you can do strength or resistance training, the more toned you’re going to feel, and the more calories you’re going to burn overall. 

You won’t have to look into SARMs for fat loss if you manage to fit some weight or dead lifting into your new routine, as you’ll be pulling your muscles apart and putting them back together with protein rich foods and plenty of sleep. Take a day break in between each strength training session to let your muscle fibres grow back stronger, and watch how your next workout is more efficient than ever before. 

Are You Sore the Day After?

Being sore after a workout is a good sign, despite how awkward and clumsy it can make you feel. It’s a sign you’ve worked a certain part of your body to its limit, which means you’ve worked it hard enough and will soon reap the benefits of it! And if you’re not sore after a workout, once again, you might need to increase your intensity levels. 

Of course, if you’re overly sore, and feel like you can barely move the day after a hard workout, you might need to tone things down for a while. Gently ease yourself back into your exercise routine, and take it step by step with the intensity levels. Don’t push yourself too hard during a time like this, but don’t allow yourself to give up with it either – you’ll just get more and more sore as a result! 

Exercising at the right level is important for growth. Be sure to chop and change here and there if you’re seeing no results from exercise.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with SARMs. You may also enjoy: Our love letter to Pilates.

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