Life’s simple pleasures – investing in the best bedlinen

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As we’ve all adjusted to spending (a lot) more time indoors, many of our readers have commented on how much more they’ve been appreciating life’s simple pleasures – from curling up with a good book to savouring a perfectly made cup of tea to unwinding under fresh bedlinen.

We’ve also noticed that finding the perfect bedding or PJs has taken on a whole new significance in recent months! At a time when we’re all working on making our homes feel as relaxing, cosy and welcoming as possible, it seemed like the perfect time to focus on an independent business that specialises in producing ultra high quality bedding.

Woman relaxing in pyjamas. Best bedlinen feature

Founded by Jessica Mason back in 2017, Piglet started as a small project producing simple linen duvet covers and pillowcases in a few calming colours and has since grown into a blooming brand offering customers the finest range of linen products. Whilst still selling their much-loved range of bedding, although now with many more colour options, Piglet’s collection has expanded to include pyjamas, robes, table linens, cushions, throws, curtains, wheat bags, napkins, small toys, and even a room and pillow mist.

Their best-selling collection is linen bedding (for the ultimate everyday indulgence).

Piglet also operate a Book Club for their community to promote cosy nights in, something that’s become especially popular recently.

His & Hers appreciates the attention to detail and quality of all of the fabrics used. We are also smitten with the opportunity to personalise your bedlinen – we love the zzzzs pictured:

They also sell the kind of ultra-luxe pyjamas that would make you feel far less guilty about working from home in your PJs in the morning! They’d also make a lovely gift and are also available for children (but hurry if you have your heart set on some perfect PJs as at what the His & Hers team suspects is a time of unprecedented demand for sleepwear and leisurewear, some colour options have already sold out).

Founder Jessica Mason says: “At Piglet we are in the pursuit of sincere comfort – in how we lounge, how we shop and what we buy. We think that a beautiful home is a comfortable home. We believe that simple, high quality and low maintenance basics are key and so we developed our range of durable linen bedding and pyjamas that get softer and softer with wear.

“I started Piglet in 2017 with my fingers crossed that I wasn’t alone in looking for high quality basics for my home that are as cosy as they are beautiful. We started tiny with just linen duvet covers and pillowcases in a few calming colours and have since grown the brand to include much more.”

We think that at a time when more and more of us are turning away from ‘fast fashion’ and cheap, quick fixes for the home, and when our desire to feel relaxed and comfortable at home feels more important than ever, Jessica’s ethos is the right one for our times!

Piglet. Best bedlinen feature

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Piglet. The beautiful products featured are theirs, but the words are all our own. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our regularly updated interiors page.

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