3 Food & Lifestyle Events We Need In Our Lives

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Fermented fruits, herbs, and spices have always played a significant role in the lives of our ancestors. Inherited from the Roman Empire, the knowledge of plants, fruits, and spices has been at the heart of our homes for centuries. It is, therefore, odd to think that nowadays, the smaller complaint is immediately dealt with ibuprofen or aspirin. Our ancestors not only had an understanding of natural medicine for the mind and the body, but, in comparison, they took better care of their immune system. Indeed, it is likely that relying on small pills or powder for every ailment can gradually affect the effectiveness of your beloved aspirin. However, it isn’t too late to rediscover the knowledge of the Ancients and make natural ingredients a major factor of your health management. To bring back health-enhancing ingredients into our homes, it’s time to throw informative and entertaining food and lifestyle events.

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Something that finally demystifies CBD oil

Cannabis has a bad rep. However, the UK is starting to accept the use of CBD – cannabidiol – as part of a wellness regime. The miracle medicine contains highly therapeutic CBD oil. The oil itself can’t get you high. But it can have amazing effects on your anxiety, pain, and even nausea – which can be highly effective for patients who are struggling with chemotherapy side effects. Besides, it’s also been proven to provide relief to Alzheimer’s patients and reduce Parkinson’s suffering. A lot of people are reluctant to use CBD oil as a result of cannabis being illegal. Over half the US states have now legalised marijuana for medicinal use, making it legal for consumption to help treat cases as serious as drug addiction. In the UK, while you can buy elegant glass bongs for decoration, you are not authorised to use them. However, it is likely that health and lifestyle events could help to educate the population about the benefits of CBD oil to treat difficult conditions. 

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A wine culture event Ah, wine! Britons do enjoy a recreational glass or bottle of wine after work. But very few know how to appreciate the goodness of the drink. In fact, if you want to get to know the merits and complexity of the wine, you need to plan for yourself a tour of the most famous wine-producing regions. Starting with Italy, you’ll finally get to understand the delicate flavour of Prosecco – which is so much more than a pish glass of bubbly! But a wine-focused event could also help to highlight the health benefits for moderate drinkers. Indeed, the antioxidants in the wine can give your body a fighting chance against cancer. Besides, its naturally high level of silicon can increase bone density, keeping your skeleton strong.

A workshop that brings back spices to our cupboards

Lastly, cooking with spices and herbs can boost your immune system. Indeed, from helîng with digestion to preventing cancer, there’s a lot to gain from a spiced meal. You’ll think twice before grabbing the traditional bottle of ketchup or brown sauce next time! 

Are you ready to change your perception of the plants and fruits around you? We still have a long way to go to uncover the properties of some of our beloved garden shrubs. But there’s no denying that the sooner we bring plants into our pharmacy cabinet, the better our health will get. 

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