Liverpool-based businesswoman helped over 4,000 companies for free during lockdown

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Anna Khanna, founder of social media management business, Socialista Media, is a well known face in the city, where she’s talked to a host of business owners about upping their digital game.

Having spoken to Anna in the past about how she built her own business, and how she’s contributed to the growth of other independent brands, His & Hers Magazine was delighted to hear about how she’s been helping others during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Anna’s well known for her masterclasses, but with the Coronavirus pandemic meaning large gatherings and face-to-face masterclasses were off the table, the entrepreneur was determined not to let her clients down and reverted to online training instead. This was offered for free as a way to help businesses all over the country grow their platforms during lockdown. This offer of free help proved incredibly popular and Anna was able to help 4,500 businesses (some local and some based as far afield as Australia).

Anna, who is 36, says she has never had what she’d describe as a “normal job apart from a short stint waitressing in her late teens and at one time working for fast food chain McDonalds. Working for the family business from the age of 10 and building her businesses from the ground up, she always wanted to be her own boss. 

“I’ve been financially independent since the age of 29 due to building a network marketing business for ten years which now turns over seven figures a year,” the entrepreneur explained.

As well as the above, Anna is more commonly known for being the face of her Social Media Management company, Socialista.

Socialista provides both online and in person training for social media management. In particular, the business focuses on engagement, growth and content creation. Although the company has only been trading for just over two years, Anna has worked with hundreds of brands and famous faces including Doll Beauty, Individual Restaurants and Oh Darlin,’ which is owned by make-up artist and influencer Kate Hayes. Anna now brings in a hefty six-figure income with a projected sum of over £1,000,000 expected for 2021. 

Anna discusses her original motivation for starting the company: “I started Socialista after a number of things in my personal life changed. At one point, I feared I was going to lose everything & needed to think quickly. I thought – what do I love that I’m good at? And the obvious answer was social media. It was then that Socialista was born!

“When the coronavirus pandemic hit and so many businesses closed overnight, it became apparent just how important social media was going to be during this time. I quickly changed my business model, bringing all masterclasses online and held a number of these for free. This meant for a period of time, businesses were able to receive the same quality content from me at zero cost. Looking to the future, I think this will permanently change the landscape for Socialista. I’ll be turning my attention to further developing online masterclasses as opposed to venue-based events. I can reach a wider demographic, financially it’s great for both sides and logistically makes more sense!” 

Anna shares her top tips for success with His & Hers:

·      Delegation: My Mother always said I am great at delegating even though I am a control freak! Delegating tasks for your home and in business can free up your time so you can make more money moves!

·      Lists: Before I go to bed, I always write my list for the next day so I can be as productive as possible without forgetting anything important.

·      Goal Setting: Annual goals are so important! I have had a vision board for the last 12 years which really focuses my mind. Printing off pictures and adding them to a board really helps with the law of attraction and keeping you motivated when things don’t go quite to plan.

Two of Anna’s favourite quotes to live by are:  

SW, SW, SW, SW: “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting…”

“If it isn’t making me happy or making me money I’m not doing it…”

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