Liverpool ONE is one step closer to re-opening on June 15th

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Liverpool ONE re-opening

Here at His & Hers, we imagine there has been something of a flurry of online retail therapy activity during the pandemic. Yet, if it is the actual tactile experience you have been seriously craving, there is good news on the Liverpool ONE horizon, with preparations being made for stores re-opening on June 15th.

Shopping is a social enterprise; it is exciting and fun, and it is great to support your local community. We can still enjoy the whole experience with just a little care.

The hand sanitiser stations are being installed, the one way systems are in place and signage encouraging people to keep left and observe safe social distancing is being mounted – Liverpool ONE is today another step closer to re-opening.

Once in Liverpool, the message to everyone is: Be Patient, Be Kind, Be Responsible.

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The majority of retail stores at Liverpool ONE are expecting to re-open on June 15th with others to follow later in the month.

Donna Howitt, Marketing and Communications Director at Liverpool ONE, said: “We are working closely with all of our occupiers to support them in adjusting to the “new normal.” Across the estate, signage is now being put into place in preparation to welcome visitors back.

“We are, however, urging everyone to check before they travel. People should look at our website for the latest updates on what is happening across the estate. All stores that are open, as well as information on future store openings can be found at

Donna added that stores will have their own individual policies in place which the management team at Liverpool ONE is working hard to support.

She continued: “Stores will have new policies and these will vary from store to store. There could be rules in relation to the use of changing rooms and the way refunds and returns are handled.

“We are keen to see the local economy starting up once more – and people coming out to support local – but the health and safety of everyone is what is of paramount importance. We ask visitors to make responsible decisions about their visit and abide by the guidelines when they choose to visit to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.”

Designated queuing zones are also being put into place but due to the sheer size of the Liverpool ONE estate, its open air layout and wide shopping boulevards, the team expects people to be able to move around freely while easily observing the 2-metre safe distancing rule.

There will be revised opening hours between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, throughout June, allowing staff to avoid peak travel times. On Sundays, stores will continue to open as normal between 11am and 5pm.

Some stores may choose to open outside of these times.

Many of the restaurants across Liverpool ONE will be offering take away and click and collect services until they are able to re-open, subject to Government guidance.

For further information visit:

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