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E-liquids toolkit, including cartridges


Studies have shown that vaping poses little to no health risks to us when compared to the lasting damage a person can do to themselves through smoking.

This is great news for those who want to use e-cigs to quit because, as opposed other nicotine-laced products to help those curb smoking, putting the device to your mouth and inhaling encompasses a lot of the same muscle memory involved in lighting up – so you’re far more likely to be successful in quitting as opposed to giving up your routine cold turkey!

Though, even after all this scientific research that has been done into e-cigarettes, there are still those that believe that they are akin to smoking tobacco. A lot of the unfair criticism is levelled towards the e-liquids that vapour cigarettes, with people falsely claiming that we either “don’t know what’s in them” or they contain a plethora of unchecked chemicals like antifreeze – but this simply isn’t true, we know exactly what’s in them.

We know for a fact what ingredients are found in a reputable vapour cigarette vendor’s products, like All trustworthy e-liquid sellers will be able to tell you exactly what is in their products and if they can’t it would advisable to go elsewhere.

Food Flavourings
You’ll find a lot of the same flavouring you will find in the food you eat daily is also utilised in e-liquid to give them their unique taste. It’s nothing to feel nervous about, though, as these flavours will be perfectly safe if purchased from a reputable seller. All safe vapour vendors will use non-oil based food flavouring when it comes to their e-liquid, so feel free to ask them upon buying.

Often the divider of opinion when it comes to what’s found inside contents of an e-cigarette, with many saying that they must be the same as tobacco cigarettes if they both contain nicotine. What you should know, however, that nicotine pales in comparison to the other wide variety of dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes.

Nicotine is also the addictive substance within cigarettes that keeps those going back to them, so to wean yourself off cigarettes you are going to need a source of nicotine somewhere. Thankfully, you can alter the levels of nicotine within your e-liquid to slowly condition your body to be able to live without it!

Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine
This pairing, sometimes shorted to PG & VG, are the two most common ingredients in e-liquids you will find on the market today – this is because they are used to keep the suspension between the food flavouring and nicotine! Both are recognised as safe by the FDA (Food & Drug Association) so your safety is guaranteed when using them. Typically, most e-liquids will use either 100% of PG or 100% of VG, and even in some cases they use a combination of the two.

The key differences between the two are as follows:
PG: thin, more flavoursome, creates less smoke, acts as a preserving agent to elongate the life of your e-liquid.
VG: thick, not as flavoursome, creates more smoke, is hypoallergenic for those that are allergic to PG products, non-preservative.

Hopefully after this article you will feel a bit more informed about what goes into an e-cigarette. It’s a safe and often recommended method of giving up smoking and definitely an effective way to curb the nasty and expensive habit once and for all!

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