Lush opened their biggest store in the world (which is large enough to house nine million bath bombs) in Liverpool today

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Lush Liverpool

Today, His & Hers paid a visit to Liverpool’s giant new Lush store, which is already attracting shoppers in their thousands. The stylish store features: Over 300 new products. Plus, did we mention, it’s five times bigger than the previous Lush Liverpool shop – so big, in fact, that you could fill it with over nine million bath bombs!

There are lots of new services and experiences to discover…
Including: A hair lab offering treatments and cutting services, a permanent florist selling locally sourced and seasonal bouquets, handmade fresh products made on site and a perfume library selling exclusive perfumes and books on perfumery.

Lush Liverpool 1

You’ll also find some great shop floor Lush Spa treatments on offer including a brand new Liverpool exclusive percussion massage – ‘Shop don’t Drop’ and a Fresh Facial. There’s also a new look Lush Spa with six treatment rooms, a Lush party area with new party packs and a coffee/tea kiosk, not to mention an abundance of innovative and exclusive new products across makeup, skincare, bath, hair and music!

Lush Liverpool 2

Lush issued a statement about their investment in Liverpool, saying:
 “At a time when revitalisation is needed more than ever, the new destination shop on Church Street aims to bring more innovation and creative personal experiences than ever before to the high street and will host an array of exciting new projects that have been ideas within the company for years.”


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