Making Time For ‘Self-Love’ In Lockdown

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We have all seen the startling statistics around the increase in both mental and physical health concerns during lockdown. Social isolation combined with money worries and a full-blown winter lockdown has led to a huge hike in the number of people struggling with everyday life.

Liverpool based yogi and mindfulness expert Kayleigh Woolvine said she has seen a worrying increase in enquiries from people who are just not able to cope with the pressures of lockdown.

“This lockdown is very different,” commented Kayleigh. “The barbecues are packed away, we are in the depths of winter and more than anything the initial novelty has worn off and people are genuinely frightened about what the future might hold.”

Kayleigh, who has spent years learning her craft in the Far East, now works with clients from across the region and specialises in helping individuals who have suffered from some type of trauma or are struggling with anxiety and mental-health issues.

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She has recently launched a unique online resource, The Self Care Sanctuary, a yoga and mindfulness platform which is designed to give as many people as possible access to a wealth of physical and mental enrichment tools to help them make sense of the current situation and find some space to concentrate on their personal well-being and overall health.

“The type of yoga I practice is really playful, safe and empowering and I combine this with wide ranging self-care techniques including meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. For me, it’s about working with the whole person, mind, body and spirit. My wish is to help clients unlock their personal power, inner physical strength and find emotional freedom.”

The Self Care Sanctuary (Membership – £3.80 per week) is packed with an every growing library of recorded yoga flows, targeted classes and mindfulness content. Kayleigh also streams four live classes every week and adds over 900 minutes of new material to the hub every month.’

“Obviously we can’t be face-to-face at the moment but we can still be together. I wanted to create the most personal resource possible. People can tap into the areas that really resonate with them and be part of our community wherever they are.”

Kayleigh, who also teaches yoga and mindfulness to staff at a number of NHS trusts across the UK, says it has never been more important to look after your physical and emotional well-being. “We are going to have to live with the consequences of the pandemic for many years to come but that doesn’t mean we can’t still put our own health first.  Our health is our wealth. Yoga and mindfulness provides superb techniques for helping us cope with seismic change, nurture and even transform our bodies , which in turn positively shifts how we feel and our perception, so we learn to appreciate the little things in life even more.”

To find out more about The Self Care Sanctuary or to join Kayleigh’s ‘Journey To The Heart’ self-love programme, visit:

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