Maluco Pizzeria has become a very elegant slice of Brazil in Liverpool

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Maluco Pizzeria

We (His & Hers crew) have spent some happy hours munching delicious pizza in Maluco Pizzeria. One memorable evening, we gorged on vegan pizza. The intense, incorporated flavours were breath-taking; so good.

WORDS: Jean Hill

Maluco, Liverpool’s much-loved pizzeria, has been given an inspired makeover. The restaurant has become an elegant symbol of Brazil, with an English back-drop. There is a spectacular mural that covers an entire wall, that conjures up Rio De Janeiro in all its glory. There are convincing replicas of Brazilian mosaics, and the long, beautiful wooden tables and glittering bar set the cosmopolitan tone. As always, the huge pizza oven takes pride of place. You relax into confident expectation. This has got to be a good place to eat. My companion, who travelled through Brazil, felt the restaurant evoked the spirit of his recollections, and the food lived up to his all his hopes. 

The Castle Street-based restaurant has introduced a new menu that is packed with Maluco’s famous 18” hand-stretched pizzas, and new sides including loaded pizza fries and crispy kale. Another welcome addition is pasta (that I somehow missed out on press-night). I did try the Halloumi, strong and chewy , which I can recommend. I just eased into the wrap-around warmth of all that comfort food.

Maluco 1

New additions include an entire pasta section. This includes: Chicken Kiev pasta and chicken and bacon in a rich creamy sauce topped with crispy chicken skin crumb. Rondelli involves rolls of fresh pasta inlaid with ham and cheese topped with a creamy sauce and baked through in the oven.

Other pasta favourites include ‘traditional bolognese’, a tasty vegan pasta with sun-blush tomatoes, red peppers and spinach. American Hot is made up of chicken, chorizo, spicy sausage and red onion in a spicy tomato sauce.

Maluco 2

Many of Maluco’s much-loved pizzas remain on the menu including What The Duck,  Lo Pan Loco, Return of the Mac and Pollo Kiev. There is also an entire menu dedicated to vegan guests. I found the vegan pizzas had an intensity of flavour, a concentrated hit of ‘sunshine’  vegetables with zingy freshness, and a powerful combinations of herbs and spices.

Sean Flaherty, Head Chef at Maluco, said: “We wanted to introduce tasty pasta dishes to the menu to broaden our offering for guests, whilst continuing to serve up our 18” wood fired pizzas that we’re known for. The pizza fries were a no-brainer – they’re absolutely delicious and who doesn’t want their favourite pizza topping with the addition of fresh cooked fries?” I found them moreish and finger-licking good.

We left to return again.

Tel: 0151 2365646.

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