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getting a mental workout as a couple



Working out with your partner can be a great source of motivation, support and friendly competition. Whether you are gym buddies, running partners or practice couples’ yoga together, exercising with your other half is a great way to make it an enjoyable and bonding experience.

However, getting a mental workout can often be seen as a solitary activity. Although people are starting to recognise the importance of exercising your mind just as much as your body, it’s not often thought of as a shared pastime. With this article, I hope to show you the ways in which you and your partner can train your brains together and have fun in the process.

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Chess is the ultimate brain game

One of the best ways to exercise your mind and have fun at the same time is to play a game. Historically, cerebral games like chess and mah-jong have been enjoyed all over the world amongst friends, family and lovers. Liverpool Chess Club is a longstanding organisation that welcomes new members of all different levels of play. The Club HQ is easily accessible right in the centre of town and it’s a unique idea for date night! You may both feel out of your comfort zone at first, but you’ll soon start to see the benefits as both your memory and concentration improve.

However, you may not always have the time or inclination to attend a live game. The good news is that you can access classics like chess, blackjack and mah-jong all online. Blackjack is famously the favourite pastime of super-spy James Bond and has quickly established itself as a firm favourite across the world. Alternatively called 21, it’s the ideal activity for testing your brain through knowledge of the game, awareness of other players and the confidence to play your hand. Playing online means that you can access it from the comfort of your own home where you can both snuggle in on the sofa together as you put your maths skills to the test.

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Newspaper crosswords can be great fun

If you’re out and about together then some great on the fly activities include solving the newspaper crossword, splashing out on a sudoku puzzle book or reading a juicy novel. If you’re journeying somewhere with your partner, solving that week’s crossword puzzle together as you travel can be the perfect bonding experience. It also improves your recall, expands your vocabulary and, most importantly, improves communication skills.
Reading a novel may seem like the ultimate solo pastime but reading aloud can be a cute and romantic thing to do with your partner. During a moment of relaxation, take turns reading from a book that appeals to you both and enjoy the inevitable giggles that come along with stress reduction and better concentration.
So, as I hope you can see from the suggestions above, a mental workout doesn’t need to be a lonely one. In fact, some studies suggest that testing your mind with a partner alongside you can be more effective in the long run. You’re both more likely to remember the lessons learnt as you’ll associate them with spending time with your partner. You are also engaging in real-world brain training rather than relying on the ephemeral nature of apps and computer programs. Perhaps the most valuable thing to take away from this though, is that by getting involved with these activities you are spending time having fun with your partner.

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