Merging Modern and Traditional to Create a Timeless Home

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Traditional décor and homeware is stylish, often luxurious and always classic. Many of us add retro and vintage pieces to our homes to make a statement and add some sophistication. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to get rid of our smart home systems, big TVs and other appliances that make our lives easier and to be fair, there’s a lot to love about modern décor too. So, why can’t you have both? Is it possible to team glamourous vintage pieces with sexy modern minimalism? Can you use bold, bright colours alongside classic prints and themes? Can you create a timeless home with elements of both classic design and contemporary style? Absolutely! Here are some tips to help you to merge the two to create a timelessly unique home. 

Add Antique Furniture to Modern Rooms

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Antique furniture is a fantastic way to create a focal point and to turn even a plain room into something breath-taking. Antique pieces give your rooms a story, as well as an air of sophistication. Look online for ideas on which era of furniture you enjoy the most, and browse the best marketplace to buy antiques to find the perfect items for your house. 

Upcycle Vintage Furniture to Create A More Modern Appeal

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If you want to team traditional and modern more closely, do it with the same item. Find an old dresser or chair and upcycle it. Keep the vintage frames or metalwork, and reupholster with modern fabrics, or add more minimalist handles and knobs. 

Create Heritage Style with Brass and Copper

Christmas decorations

Metalwork is a great way to add character. You might not give much thought to fixtures and fittings, but these are a great place to add some traditional elements. Brass, copper and rose gold are warmer and more traditional than silver, steel and chrome. Add brass taps, exposed copper and rose gold accessories to give your modern rooms, and especially spaces like your bathroom and kitchen, a more traditional appeal. 

Be Bold with Prints and Patterns

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Nowadays we often keep large areas plain. We paint walls in block colours and try to keep rooms light to give the appearance of more space. This can be effective, but it’s not always stylish. Add some bold prints and patterns to bring a more traditional feel into your rooms. Add a feature wall with printed wallpaper, or printed tiles to your kitchen. If you are worried about this being too much, instead experiment with bold prints on curtains, cushions and accessories. 

Add Classic Finishing Touches to Plainer Rooms

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You don’t have to spend a fortune refurbing your whole home to welcome in some traditional elements. Instead, leave the walls plain, and keep your modern furniture. Add classic finishing touches with metal feet for your sofa, vintage knobs for drawers and doors and brass soap holders in the bathroom. 

Avoid Overcrowding Your Space

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When trying to merge vintage and modern, it can feel as though you need to include everything. You need furniture and accessories in both styles. But this can be too much. Overcrowding and trying to do it all can just create chaos. Instead, invest in feature pieces or one large item. Keep things simple to give focus to the things that you love. 

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