Micro-disco comes to Royal Albert Dock

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The Fandangoe

This spring, Royal Albert Dock Liverpool will be home to The Fandangoe DISCOTECA – a vibrant micro-disco offering a unique opportunity to dance away life’s worries. 

Created by multidisciplinary artist Annie Frost Nicholson, the dock will welcome the art installation for six weekends from 2nd March to 6th April, including Mother’s Day and Easter bank holiday weekend. Located in Britannia Courtyard by The Beatles Story, The Fandangoe DISCOTECA will invite visitors to step inside from 12pm-3pm and 4pm-7pm on Saturdays as well as Good Friday, and from 12pm-4pm on Sundays and Easter Monday.

The immersive installation brings together the old and the new by reimagining a K67 kiosk in partnership with K67 Berlin, a project dedicated to continuing the legacy of these modular architectural masterpieces. Once commonplace in 1960s Eastern Europe, the kiosks were often used as newspaper stands, car-parking attendant booths and more. 

The now treasured design has been reimagined into a multicoloured space dedicated to supporting people with modern-day issues, ranging from everyday worries to grief and anxiety.

Perfect to experience with friends and family, the booth accommodates up to eight people, offering a chance to process feelings through a sense of togetherness. Dancers can choose from a vast selection of playlists curated by non-profit organisation, The Loss Project, or opt for a treasured tune to relive old memories. Plus, anyone looking for further mental health support can scan a QR code inside the kiosk for online resources. 

Sean Morrison, estate manager at Royal Albert Dock, says: “We’re delighted to welcome such a unique installation to the dock and for a prolonged time too. The Fandangoe DISCOTECA is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and we encourage everyone who needs to shake off some steam or simply enjoy a dance to come along and step inside.”

Annie Frost Nicholson says: “We’re so thrilled to bring The Fandangoe DISCOTECA to the dock. We’re honoured to install it by The Beatles Story, which is a landmark for Liverpool’s cultural history and a poignant location to engage with the public over the many intersections of grief associated with music, nostalgia and memory.

“I absolutely love the city of Liverpool and its people; my dearly departed dad, born in Blackpool, left the country on a boat from the city at 15 to join the Merchant Navy, and I always associate the city with adventure and a spirit of togetherness that is rare and special. Thank you for welcoming us so kindly.”

The Fandangoe DISCOTECA’s residency at the dock marks the final location of its UK tour, having previously delighted visitors in Canary Wharf, Milton Keynes and Berlin, making it the last chance to experience this captivating installation. 

Visit: https://albertdock.com/the-fandangoe-discoteca/ for more information.

The Fandangoe DISCOTECA will be at Royal Albert Dock for six weekends from 2nd March to 6th April. It is free to enjoy and does not require pre-booking. 

Opening times include: 

Saturdays (and Good Friday): 12pm-3pm and 4pm-7pm.

Sunday (and Easter Monday): 12pm-4pm.

Image by: Joe Clark.

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