How To Spice Up Your Minimalist Interior

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A minimalist decor revolves entirely on the art of making less appear more. However, when you strip your rooms back to the minimum, less, more often than not, means less. Hitting the right balance when you’re going for a minimalist look and feel can be challenging. You’d be surprised to know that one of the most common mistakes when it comes down to creating a minimalist space is to remove too much from the decor. As a result, your once inviting living room can feel like the clean waiting room of a hospital. There’s a thin line which you don’t want to cross when you’re stripping a place from all the superficial clutter. Here are some tips on how to inject some personality into a simplistic and elegant decor.

Simplify to beautify

The motto of a minimalist decor is to create a spacious home by removing elements that invade your space without fulfilling any purpose. However, it’s essential to keep an eye for your decor. Indeed, the room is empty when its components don’t work together to create an accent. Therefore, you have to consider which elements to keep to add beauty to your simple interior. Sometimes, an elegant lampshade or a potted houseplant is enough to attract the eye. 

Add vibrant focal points

It’s hard to understand why the most common trends about minimalism suggest monochromatic hues, in white, grey, and black. In reality, nothing is stopping you from injecting vibrant colours into a minimalist design. Many designers consider the addition of focal points as a priority of a decluttered interior. You can use art pieces to drive attention to an additional dimension. Hanging a painting above the sofa, for instance, brings a new layer to an otherwise dull interior. You can also choose to play with colourful items such as a yellow rug or a bright red fridge. Ultimately, the focal point acts as the start of the room or emphasises the core, just like the rug or the painting sets the eye on the sofa, for instance. 

Create the perfect atmosphere with fragrance

Your decor needs to be a sensory experience, especially when you remove the unnecessary and distracting clutter. Minimalist interiors have to create elements that fulfil your needs. Using colours and textures, you can tick the boxes for sight and touch. Your choice of background music or the addition of an audio feature such as an indoor water feature can give your ears something to appreciate. The last sensory effect you can create is to introduce scents into your home. Home fragrance diffusers can help to shape the room. 

Add smart tech that works

Last but not least, minimalist interiors tend to encourage the use of smart technology at home. Indeed, when you focus on creating simple spaces, you need to rely on multi-purpose furniture and gadgets, such as dimming the lights using only the power of your voice, for instance. However, it’s tricky for homeowners not to fall into the smart hub trap of buying IoT devices that are not yet suited to their home. For instance, Alexa or Google Talk is a pointless addition in a home that doesn’t use any other smart system. 

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Simple and beautiful minimalist homes are built to create an engaging and interactive experience. For homeowners, it’s all about designing a space that suffices itself. The combination of sensory elements, points of beauty and focus, and smart tech come together to build a meaningful interior.

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