Modernising your Bathroom for 2021

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In recent times, home renovations have soared partly due to the pandemic as people have found extra time, motivation, and spare cash to update their homes. A report by found that 65% of UK homeowners spent money on renovations in 2020, with an average of just over £4000 per home. With people continuing to stay at home into 2021, these figures are set to remain high.

With bathroom renovations continuing to be popular, let’s take a look at some of 2021’s most popular bathroom trends.

The Bathroom Design

bathroom 1

Bathroom designs need to remain practical whilst able to make a person feel relaxed both physically and aesthetically. The pandemic saw many of us needing a place of escapism and the bathroom allows for this, especially with renovations underway to create personal sanctuaries.

Lee Frost, Director of Waters Baths of Ashbourne seconds this notion, “’We saw the bathroom flip from purely functional to a place of escape; the only room where we are guaranteed to find peace amidst the chaos. Bath time became a pause, a time to relax and indulge. An opportunity to build self-care and wellbeing into the landscape of the day which the coming year’s designs will bear testimony to”.

Green Botanicals

bathroom 2

A bathroom trend that is inspired by nature and it’s all about bringing the outside in. Think large leaf botanicals, green hues, and natural elements; a bathroom sanctuary that’s completely inspired by nature. To get the look, add muted green titles with adhesive if you are looking to add green hues subtly. If bold is what you’re after, hang waterproof wallpaper with large leaf print. Introducing a live plant such as Aloe Vera can also boost the green element along with using natural woods.


bathroom 3

A trend that focuses on escapism, luxe bathrooms provide a taste of luxury; luxury of which you would find in a 5* hotel. Imagine free standing baths, marble features and monochrome colour schemes with gold hints. To create the look in your own home, make a free-standing bath the centre piece and coordinate styling around it, or opt for a walk-in shower with a statement towel rail.

Colourful Bathrooms

bathroom 4

Colourful bathrooms are best left in the 70s; avocado bath suits and baby pink florals for example. But are they? Colour is making its way back into our bathrooms, but with a contemporary edge. Adding hints of colour is the most popular way of introducing colour into the bathroom, with blue and green being the most popular choice. Using coloured titles or painting the walls the same colour as the vanity unit can help coordinate this style. For bolder looks, try adding in a bath or sink in a colour of your choice. Nowadays, baths and sinks in colours like pink, red and green are readily available. 

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