Getting More Sleep this Spring

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As the seasons change, it can be particularly difficult to get a good night’s sleep, so the His & Hers team, who are firm believers in the restorative powers of getting enough shut-eye, have compiled a list of the things that have been effective for us in terms of helping to get a good night’s sleep at this time of year.

Set a bedtime

Admittedly, until relatively recently, His & Hers thought having a set bedtime was strictly for small children. However, after falling into the habit of going to bed a little later than we’d hoped to and then finding it hard to get up in the mornings, we began to see the value of working out what time you need to get up, then setting a ‘bedtime’ approximately eight hours earlier (because if you just hope that you’ll happen to fall into bed at around the right time, Netflix will keep tempting you to stay up just a little later!)

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We know this doesn’t make for a rock-star lifestyle, but as sleep experts say that going to bed at around the same time every night helps with sleep quality, it could be worth playing by the rules on this one!

Is it time to invest in a new mattress?

If your mattress has started to develop uncomfortable areas to sleep in, or has a slight dip in the middle, or that one spring that you’re starting to feel under the padding, it’s almost certainly time to invest in a new mattress! The National Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every eight years, and if you know it’s time for a change, it’s worth thinking about the level of firmness and support you want, and investing in a good quality mattress that’ll give you many nights of great sleep!

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For example, Hypnos Beds have over 100 years of bed making experience and an insight into what makes a great night’s sleep and they have been fine tuning the art of making deluxe pocket spring beds, by hand, since the Edwardian days. We’d recommend opting for a really well-established brand like this one, where you’ll be benefiting from years of expertise and craftsmanship.

Change your duvet

For some reason, switching from your winter duvet to a slightly less toasty spring duvet can feel like a real chore. Which is why many of us put off switching to a lighter duvet until we’ve spent a series of nights waking up perspiring as the night-time temperature rises. Our advice is that as soon as you reach that time of the year when you’re starting to feel a little too toasty in the middle of the night, make a note to dig out a lighter duvet when you’re next changing your bedding. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh bedlinen and sleep at a perfect temperature, all without needing to make a huge effort.

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We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Dreamers Bed Centre. They stock the fantastic mattresses mentioned, but the words are all our own. For more features, please pay a visit to our lifestyle page.

If you have any tips on sleeping well in spring which have worked well for you, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch via the comments box below, or via our social media channels.

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