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mother of the bride outfit


However, for wedding guests there’s far less inspiration at your fingertips when you’re working out what to wear for your loved one’s big day. We’ve all heard the advice about not upstaging the bride or groom on their big day, but apart from this, advice tends to be pretty thin on the ground. So the His & Hers team couldn’t resist jotting down our own top fashion tips for the big day if you’re the mother of the bride.

Do a little fashion research

mother of the bride outfit 1

Pictured: Ronald Joyce outfit from Compton House of Fashion

Finding the ideal outfit for such a big day can be daunting, so we’d recommend shopping around and looking out for retailers that offer specific collections for the mother of the bride, like Compton House of Fashion. We like their elegant collection, which features outfits which would be suitable for a very formal wedding and also slightly more relaxed options which would be ideal for a more informal wedding theme, or to change into ready to do a little dancing in the evening.

Don’t be afraid to double-check about the dress code

mother of the bride outfit 2

Of course when it’s your son or daughter tying the knot you’re likely to have a very good idea of their style and preferences. However, if you’re not 100% sure that the outfit you’re considering for the big day will meet with their approval, there’s no harm in showing them a picture in advance to double check. Or even going shopping together.

Speaking of which, make sure there isn’t a colour code!

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Sometimes the mother of the bride and the rest of the bridal party may be asked to stick to a particular colour code (or to avoid certain colours). If you’ve already spotted and outfit that you’re keen to buy, it’s worth checking that there aren’t any style rules in place that you don’t know about first.

Keep it comfortable

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We know this is an obvious one, but as you’re likely to be spending a lot of time on your feet meeting and greeting guests (and then hopefully dancing the night away) you’ll need heels that’ll do you justice. Try wearing your shoes for a few hours in advance of the wedding date to make sure they won’t cramp your style (and your feet) on the day.

Talk to your counterpart

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According to the Daily Telegraph: “Any mother of the bride or groom should also talk to their counterpart, as you neither want to completely contrast, or actively match with the in-laws.

“The main rule is to coordinate with the mother of the groom so you don’t turn up in very similar looks and ideally not in the same colour,” advises Katherine Hooker, the bespoke womenswear designer who has also dressed the Duchess of Cambridge. “And don’t wear white. It is important to try a variety of different shapes and styles as everybody is different.”

Be true to your personal style

mother of the bride outfit 6

Pictured: 1950s style Ronald Joyce outfit from Compton House of Fashion

Weddings can put a lot of pressure on everyone involved to dress to impress in outfits that you’ll be looking at in photographs for years to come. While a wedding probably isn’t the time to take a big style risk, or buy into a fleeting trend, you don’t want to feel like you’re playing it too safe in a generic mother of the bride outfit. Ideally, your perfect wedding-day outfit will make you feel confident and won’t feel like too radical a departure from your usual style.

Give a nod to tradition, but don’t be a slave to it

mother of the bride outfit 7

Pictured: Condici shift style dress from Compton House of Fashion

While tradition dictated wearing a hat, if the dress code doesn’t dictate it and you’d prefer not to, do things the modern way and ditch the hat. Similarly, while wearing white, red or black would traditionally be a no no for the mother of the bride, these days, people are more likely to team white and navy for an elegant look and there’s a lot less pressure to conform to tradition.

Whatever you choose to wear, we hope that you and your family have an amazing day. Please feel free to share your wedding day outfits via our social media channels below – we’d love to see them!

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Compton House of Fashion. The words are ours, but the style inspiration is all theirs!

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