My Spring / Summer 2019 Inspiration

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spring inspiration

The start of a new season always provides a good opportunity to pause and reflect on what you’d like more or less of in the weeks ahead. And spring, in particular, is the season that we associate with cleaning our homes, de-cluttering and falling in love with the feeling of stepping outside without a big coat on all over again. Colours look more vibrant, people seem more likely to look up and smile in the street (which is always easier to do when you’re not battling to save yet another umbrella from meeting an untimely end on Liverpool’s oh-so-breezy waterfront, or fearing that you’ve once again managed to position yourself under the precise area of a building at which all of the rainwater collects, ready to cascade down your neck or onto your forehead in a ‘bracing’ manner!)

I also think that the spring/summer fashion collections may be my favourite, bringing with them a welcome freshness and vibrancy while the skies are still grey (although even as I write those words, I feel a small sense of betrayal to all those cosy winter favourites which I’m about to relegate to the back of the wardrobe! Your time will come again, chunky knits and cosy throws, and I promise to fold you neatly.)

If you’re planning on doing a little new season shopping, my piece of advice, which I really ought to follow is to take a proper look at your wardrobe and take stock of what you really need. Personally, I’m forever drawn to both day dresses and cocktail dresses, probably because in my dream life, they’d form the backbone of the perfect wardrobe for afternoon teas, dressing for dinner and chatting over cocktails. I also own evening gloves. The problem is that although these are the occasions that I shop for, I don’t actually live on the French Riviera in the 1950s.

Also, while filling my wardrobe with ‘essentials’ for my fantasy life, I’ve somewhat overlooked my actual life, in which clothes for work, yoga and weekends not spent in a vintage open top sportscar traversing any of the rivieras are sorely needed.

So this year, I’ll be sitting down and taking stock of what I really need (for starters, my two pairs of yoga pants and ‘vintage’, by which I mean well-worn, T-shirts probably aren’t quite sufficient when booking a yoga class almost every day!) I’ve started by checking out the range of Kenzo jumpers on and am already smitten with the Tiger Logo cotton sweatshirt, the kind of piece worth saving up for to make casualwear feel really special. Plus, I’m loving all the yellow pieces available on the high street right now – they’re like a big ray of virtual sunshine for your wardrobe! And while I won’t be embracing neon yellow, because even if you happen to be an olive toned supermodel reading this from your yacht in which case, thank you for reading and yes, you probably could pull this shade off, you’d still look better in almost anything else! Still, there’s a shade of yellow out there to suit pretty much anyone and adding a few key pieces in this shade is a nice low-effort way to update your wardrobe for the season ahead.  

This feature has been sponsored by Kture and I’m very proud to have collaborated with this leading luxury brand which sells pieces from labels including: Ganni, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and Joseph to name but a few. The link to my dream sweatshirt is theirs but the words are all my own.

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