National Thank You Day

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The Olive Tree

On Sunday 4th July (National Thank You Day), Jean Hill considered a few of the things that she’s grateful for…

‘…Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace to today and creates a vision for tomorrow’. Melody Beatty.

So here is to starting all over again that still needs much courage.

His & Hers has witnessed hardships, people struggling to keep their businesses going and people we know and love contracting Covid, and tragically some people we know have died.

Firstly the NHS: we have spent time in vaccination centres; the last one had just been opened up for none appointments. The staff smiled and said ‘chaotic’, but all was fine. NHS staff, be it on wards, clinics or surgeries have simply kept on keeping on. It must feel totally exhausting and it must feel relentless, but no matter. Our editor goes armed with chocolates for the staff at vaccination centres, which are very much appreciated.

We have seen new start-ups in the region, which is a life-affirming and courageous decision. Reasons to be thankful. Family and friends have made a crucial difference. Just being able to meet friends and walk and talk together is life enhancing. Walking on our favourite beach each week has been a revelation because the light and visibility noticeably changes in subtle ways every time. This also seems to be a reserved sunny spot, but should not tempt fate.

Finding an ice cream parlour (Reader Ice Cream Parlour in Calderstones), whilst out walking in a beautiful local park brings a smile and a chilled glow. Births that bring joy and hope for the future; all of this makes a crucial positive difference.

Retail, hospitality and theatres have all taken a hit. Retail seems to be bouncing back, though the High Street will probably look a little different in the future. Last summer we ate out at our favourite restaurants a good deal. We are hoping for some more of the same glorious weather and food this summer.

The Green Hut in Moreton (Wirral) does great coffee and takeaway. We nearly took away someone else’s burgers (in mistake for tea-cakes which is an easy mistake to make). All good: no ugly recriminations. Vale Park Café, New Brighton does beautiful cappuccinos and wonderful ice-cream. The Olive Tree Bistro, New Brighton is one of our favourite local restaurants. Their Sunday roast is a something of a masterpiece. Their portions are ridiculously generous, and the lamb is beautifully succulent and the chicken has old-fashioned home-cooked flavour. One of the places we loved eating, and watching a tiny section of the world walk by was Neighbourhood Cafe (near Penny Lane, Liverpool). Their eggs Benedict with smoked salmon makes me smile just thinking about it.


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