The new Bingo game that could take 2020 by storm

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The resurgence of Bingo over the last number of years has seen the age-old classic game evolve in so many different ways. Bingo is no longer just a game that your Nan plays with her friends; Millennials and even teenagers are buying into it and there are now a number of different variants of the game available. But the biggest change of all was the introduction of online Bingo. People are able to try online Bingo on their morning commutes, in the pub with their mates and from the comfort of their own living rooms, so it’s no wonder that this new way of playing Bingo has made it a popular game once more.

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However, things could be about to change again with the evolutionary creation of Speed Bingo by the Yorkshire tech company SpeedQuizzing. Sped up versions of games are hugely popular with online casino sites, with the likes of Poker already having a number of fast-paced variants, so we are sure a quicker version of Bingo will go down a treat.

The app-based game can be downloaded for free from SpeedQuizzing’s website, and it allows players to connect to the game. This means that the landlord down your local can host rapid games of Bingo without the old-fashioned dabber and paper method.

Scraps over who called ‘House’ or ‘Bingo’ first will also be brought to an end as the app’s software will be able to tell who the winner is by who completed their on-device card first.

Speed Bingo, which is SpeedQuizzing’s first non-quiz game, is an 80 ball Bingo variant – with 10 fewer balls than the traditional UK version – and works with a per-populated 4×4 grid of 16 numbers. As the host calls out the numbers, players will be able to dab each number on their smart phone or tablet.

SpeedQuizzing co-founder and head of tech John Leach said: “We’re constantly evolving and developing our quiz games, but this is the first time we’ve done something away from that and we’re thrilled with the result.

“Bingo has a made a real comeback over the last few years and we wanted to create our own take on a classic game, taking the best bits and blending them with 21st technology to create something new and exciting.

“We believe we’ve done exactly that with Speed Bingo and we’re confident it’ll help to drive footfall, sales and fun at pubs at a time when such a tonic is badly needed.”

The launch of Speed Bingo will fit straight in with the ever growing comeback of Bingo. Last year saw events held by the likes of Bongo’s Bingo and Bingo Loco sell out rapidly and the introduction of a faster version is bound to go down a treat with the punters – both online and in pubs.

Speed Bingo is also sure to help SpeedQuizzing build on their massive success, with the York-based family-run company hosting 2,225 SpeedQuizzing events across 25 countries on a weekly basis.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Paddy Power and SpeedQuizzing. For more features, please pay a visit to our lifestyle page.

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