Newly opened restaurant, Mānuka, is honey to the heart

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Manuka Fizz

Mānuka had me in thrall as soon as I spied home-made cherry jam on the menu, alongside mānuka honey. Then there is Tasmanian whiskey smoked salmon. This is a heady mix to discover in any eatery.

Feature by Jean Hill

We progressed through Liverpool on a beautiful September Sunday morning. We discussed the new Marks & Spencer now installed in the old Debenhams building. We arrived at the newly opened coffee/brunch/wine bar on Duke Street. To declare that this is a beautifully crafted space is true. More than this, it is a totally welcoming and relaxing place to crunch on brunch and/or sip that delicious wine. The coffee is excellent too.

Mānuka honey hails from New Zealand and Australasia. No surprise then that the whiskey smoked salmon hails from Tasmania. We felt relaxed as soon as we stepped through the door. The staff are welcoming, friendly and efficient. The décor includes fine murals and cosy, elegant seating. Original paintings adorn the walls. We loved it: light, bright and one of the most enjoyable eating experiences of recent times. The owner introduced himself, rightly proud of his team, the whole we gathered was very much a team effort.

I ordered Eggs Benny: poached eggs, wilted spinach and Gochujang hollandaise on toasted sourdough. Gochujang flavouring turned out to be of Korean heritage and the hollandaise was awesome. There are add-ons and I chose smoked salmon. Match made in heaven. The food is very good indeed, yet there is more to the ambience that adds to the experience which I am struggling to fully express. The house red wine was a fine tasting Merlot – all good. Probably folk just need to go and find out for themselves. My companion, when she spied my order arriving, tried to claim it for her own. You will probably need to be vigilant. My companion loved her brunch and very much enjoyed it including the Cheshire streaked bacon.

There was a lightness of mood and step when we left, that represents the added value to a great food experience. We are so lucky to get to do such reviews. And for sure, we fully appreciate that. We wish Mānuka much success.

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