Are Cigarettes on the Way Out? Smokers Are Now Looking to Other Ways to Get Nicotine

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Smoking in the UK is becoming an increasingly restricted practice as laws continue to be tightened. The smoking ban of 2007 was just the start, and now smoking is only permitted in small sections of public areas. This has led to a significant decline in the number of people who smoke, with a 5 per cent drop between 2011 and 2018. It was found in 2018 that 14.7 per cent of the population aged 18 and over smoked. These figures look set to drop further over the next decade, and smokers should now be looking at alternative ways to get their nicotine fix.

It has been a long time since smoking was a widely accepted social behaviour in the UK, and now smokers are feeling more excluded than ever. But there have been developments in the nicotine industry which are designed to help these people live their everyday lives without having to worry about where they will be able to spark up their next cigarette.


For people who need a regular nicotine fix but don’t have the time to constantly find designated smoking areas, the best option could be to start using snus. It’s a smokeless nicotine product originating from a variant of snuff. The way to get a nicotine fix from this is to place it inside the upper lip for an extended period of time, similarly to how you would use American dipping tobacco. Unlike the offering from across the pond, though, users of snus don’t feel the need to spit constantly when the steam-pasteurised product is in their mouth.

UK residents can easily get hold of snus online from taxfreesnus, and may find this to be a useful alternative to smoking cigarettes. There are various different types of snus to purchase, including White Fox Slim, Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Portion, White Fox Full Charge, and White Fox Double Mint Slim. With all the different strengths and flavours on offer, there should be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

While using snus can be an alternative to smoking as a way to get nicotine, smokers may find that it takes some time to escape the psychological factors that reaffirm their addiction to cigarettes. Indeed, for people who quit smoking it is said that the nicotine leaves their body completely after ten days. But the actual desire to physically hold a cigarette and smoke it stays much longer, and it can be hard to break this pattern. People who want to stop smoking cigarettes and move to nicotine-related products like snus could try to stay away from situations where other people are smoking in order to avoid the temptation to revert to cigarettes.

The signs and statistics suggest that smoking as a behaviour could end up disappearing entirely over the next few decades. For this reason, cigarette smokers need to find alternatives that still allow them to enjoy nicotine. Using snus is one potential solution.

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