Nine in 10 people in Liverpool say that a cup of tea helps them to ‘face the world’

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New research reveals Liverpool’s favourite brew is more than a warming cup of tea – it makes us feel we can take on the world. A new research data poll reviewed by the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) to mark International Tea Day on 21st May asked Liverpool tea drinkers how tea made them feel.

Nine in 10 (86%) agree they felt more able to take on the world after enjoying a cup of tea, while 67% say tea helped them to take on the world. The problem-solving boost that putting on the kettle gives you is recognised by 77% of people in Liverpool.

Dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, from the Tea Advisory Panel commented: “The effect that a cup of tea has on our mood is not all in the mind – it’s a real physiological effect. Tea is a unique combination of two plant compounds – caffeine and L-theanine – which work together in our brains to make us feel alert, focused and calm.

“A scientific analysis of 49 clinical trials found that L-theanine, caffeine and EGCG (a polyphenol found in green tea) all impact significantly on attention levels, memory, relaxation, and suppression of distraction. The effects of tea components have also been confirmed using functional MRI scanning which revealed that certain areas of the brain ‘light up’ in response to L-theanine and caffeine.”

Natural health expert and researcher, Dr Tim Bond from TAP says: “Real-life human studies confirm that tea drinking helps us to perform better in stressful situations. For example, research found that drinking tea daily for six weeks reduced cortisol levels after participants performed stressful computer tasks. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone and can be detected in saliva and blood. People in the tea-drinking group said they felt more relaxed after performing the stressful task compared with those in the placebo group.

“In the new poll with data reviewed and analysed by TAP, eight in 10 (84%) people in Liverpool say drinking tea is a good way to de-stress, while 81% agree tea helps them to concentrate”.

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