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When His & Hers first interviewed Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris, the founders of Taylor Morris at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar back in 2013, the pair had a small but perfectly formed sunglasses collection, a business partnership built out of a longstanding friendship, and big ambitions for their fledgling brand.

Their shared attention to detail and their willingness to put in the hours and build their brand organically stood out upon first meeting, and upon rejoining the entrepreneurs during their return visit to the Beauty Bazaar, it was immediately apparent that all their hard work had paid off.

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Their new Atlas Collection, which is exclusive to Harvey Nichols, features shades with the kind of instantly recognisable, iconic design flourishes that gives Taylor Morris credibility with the likes of Sienna Miller, Kourtney Kardashian and the Delevigne sisters but also the tiny, subtle signs of craftsmanship that means that the stars of today just might want to pass these beauties on to their descendants in the decades to come.

Hugo (who readers may recognise from his time on Made in Chelsea, one of Channel 4’s most popular shows, featuring SW3’s most fashionable inhabitants, confesses that if it looks like an awful lot of work’s gone into the pair’s new collection, it’s probably because it has, admitting: “We’ve had plenty of non-stop 12-hour days.”

Thanks to all those long hours spent creating and promoting their sunglasses collection, Charlie and Hugo have seen their brand take off not just in the UK, but overseas as well, and were preparing to head off to Dubai following our interview. It’s an impressive trajectory for an independent business, but it’s clear that the pair are not chasing growth at any cost. It was apparent during our interview that the friends had a natural camaraderie with the Harvey Nichols team who were helping with their meetings at the store. In fact, the Harvey Nichols team has been so supportive that they now have an exclusivity deal with Taylor Morris for many new collections and launches. This kind of loyalty and collaboration seems to be one of the keys to the brand’s success.

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The friends are also big supporters of other independent businesses, pausing mid-interview to tell His & Hers about an inspiring fledgling leather jacket business they’d been finding out about recently. Then, when we presented a gift from the magazine of a pendant for Charlie and a sliver wrist band for Hugo from Carter Gore, a new independent British brand that we’re a tad obsessed with, their interest in hearing more about this fellow independent was evident. It’s refreshing to see two entrepreneurs who want to know all about others in the accessories market, not to compete, but to encourage.

With a thriving international business which is fast becoming recognised as a global brand, His & Hers asked the business partners what excited them most about their business and almost unanimously, they declared: “When we spot someone walking down the road wearing our sunglasses, that’s the best feeling.”

So, whether it’s the satisfaction of spotting a stranger wearing your shades or the pleasure derived from spotting the tiny design details near the hinge of your Taylor Morris sunglasses, it seems that it really is all about the little things!

Prices start at £130 up to £240 and Taylor Morris sunglasses are available from as well as from Harvey Nichols nationwide.

(Pictured below: interviewing Hugo and Charlie at the Beauty Bazaar back in 2013)

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