How to Add More Personality to your Home

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personalise your home

If you don’t feel as though your home is personalised to meet your needs or if you feel as though it does not reflect your character, then a change certainly needs to be made. If you want to get some ideas, then His & Hers has got you covered with the below suggestions…

Play around with Furniture

It’s so important that you choose furniture which is comfortable and practical. Furniture really is a reflection of your individual style, so if you absolutely love bright colours then look out for colourful shades that really stand out. This will enhance your home’s décor and it will also make the space feel much more personal to you. If you want to take things to that next level then you might also want to add some throw pillows and even some blankets as well. This will add some softer elements to your space and it will also help you to accent your chosen colours with different tones.

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Picture Yourself

Visualise yourself in your home, what do you see? Do you imagine yourself snuggling up with your partner while you watch a movie? Are you entertaining guests? Either way, by doing this, you can then imagine what you truly want from your home. You can also start to make the right changes to make this happen. For example, if you love to snuggle up and watch a movie then you may want to invest in a big couch and a footstool. If you want to entertain guests then you may want to have a minibar installed, or you can even try and make your home more open plan. When you do this, you will open up the space and you will also make it much easier to create the home of your dreams.


A lot of people love to display art in their homes. Artistic features are very personal, and they can bring a lot of happy memories. They can even give you an emotional experience as well. For example, if someone in your family is an avid painter then why not consider hanging some of their artwork on the wall? This way, every time you look at it, you will think of them, and this will help you to connect with your home on a much deeper level.


The colour in your home really can represent your personality. The colour options available to you are endless, and sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to completely transform your space. If you want to get started, then you need to pick a couple of colours that are your favourites. You can then play around with them to see which one works best for you. This is super easy to do, and it helps to be a little creative. Sure, you don’t want to go over the top, but sometimes it helps to push the boundaries a little.

Own your Space

If you have a ton of outdoor space, then it is so important that you take advantage of this. If you have a yard, you can customise it so that you have a fire pit and even a BBQ area. This way, you can entertain your guests with a BBQ or you can even host parties for special occasions. If you have a garden, try and plant or grow your own herbs. This is especially useful if you have a passion for cooking because this way you can use whatever you grow in the kitchen.

Make your Rooms work for You

You are not defined by the layout of your home. If you have a third bedroom that is not in use then convert it into an office, or even make it into a playroom for your kids. Architectural timber is now very affordable to come by and you would be surprised at what a difference it can make to the look and feel of your home.


Sometimes, showcasing your accomplishments can bring you feelings of happiness when you are feeling a little bit low. Pride comes into play quite often when you are decorating your home so make sure that you try and create a stunning space that is beautiful. Display items that fit in with your overall theme, and also try and complement it with other decorative accents. You might also want to go to your local thrift stores to see if they have anything that strikes you. This way, you can add more personality to your home without having to break the bank.

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