How to Personalise Your Home’s Exterior

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Making a house a home is essential, and the way to do this is by adding personal touches that reflect who you are. The easiest way to do this is by redecorating, and many people choose to paint the walls in their favourite colours and hanging artwork up on the walls, etc. While this is a fantastic way to personalise your living space, you should also remember that the exterior of your property can also be changed to reflect this, too. If you’re already happy with how the inside of your home looks, here are a few things, you might be interested in doing outside to bring your home to life.

Structural Tweaks

The structure of your home is essential, it’s the bones of your property. While supporting walls and beams are all part of this, so are things like doorways and windows. The latter are two things you can change to enhance the outer (and interior) appearance of your home. For example, replacing standard plastic window frames with timber ones or vintage sash-style frames, like the ones seen at

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Image courtesy of: Timber Windows Direct

Personalised Signs or Letter Box

Some people choose to have their names placed on their letterboxes or plaques by their front door. This is a straightforward way to personalise the exterior of your home, but if you didn’t want to share your name, a favourite quote, or even a decorative house number could look equally nice. This will undoubtedly give your home’s exterior a personal touch that your neighbours might not have.

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Art Work

Personalized signs are a good choice, but if you want something a bit more creative, then you should think about incorporating some artwork into the exterior of your property. For example, placing unique sculptures in your garden or front lawn could be very effective. Even decorative plant-pots or wind-chimes could help add some artistic flair to your exterior.

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The Garden

If you’re not keen on having sculptures etc placed outside of your house, you could always focus on how to make your garden beautiful instead. A well-kept garden vastly improves the appearance of a home, and depending on what you’re interested in growing, you could create a little paradise at both the front and the back of your property. Choose a range of gorgeous flowers to brighten up the place, or if you’re interested in sustainable living, why not transform your garden space into an allotment?

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Change the Colour

Painting the exterior of your home is a large job, but it can also be one of the most effective ways to personalise your property, too. If you like big, bold colours, you could make your home stand out from the rest of your street. Alternatively, you might choose a softer tone, but one that is still a bit different from the usual brickwork most commonly seen. You don’t have to paint the whole exterior if you didn’t want to. Instead, you could just paint the garden walls to add a bit of colour if you wanted a smaller project to work on.

The exterior of your home can be made to look just as incredible as the inside. Don’t forget to look after it and make it your own!

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