Popular children’s author ‘absolutely delighted’ to sign three book deal

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Natalie Reeves Billing

Merseyside children’s author Natalie Reeves Billing will release a new series of children’s picture books focused around different aspects of mental health. The author has signed a multi-book deal with publishing house Tiny Tree Children’s Books, with the first of three titles set to be released in April 2022.

The award-winning author is already well established in the children’s book world, having self-published seven books for young readers. She has also won multiple UK Mums TV Choice Awards – two Silver and one Bronze in 2021, plus Gold and Silver wins in 2020. A prolific writer, Natalie has also worked alongside the Boat of Hope project (www.boatofhope.com) and Bernie Hollywood OBE on a book to partner with his upcoming solo row across the Atlantic.

Natalie said: “Working with Tiny Tree, I feel a greater sense of creative freedom with my books and ideas, which I feel is a recipe for something uniquely magical. Being a part of the Tiny Tree team feels very much like family, and in that environment, I know I can find the best in myself and my work. I’m absolutely delighted”.

James Shaw, Managing Director and Publisher, said: “Natalie is an incredibly positive and proactive person, and that’s made working with her on these books a joy. From our first conversation, she got what Tiny Tree was all about and we’re so excited to bring such an important series to life with her”

Natalie is an advocate for children’s mental health and wellbeing, establishing Split Perspectivz, a social enterprise with storytelling and creativity at its core, in 2019. The Split Perspectivz lead project ‘Builder Book’ is currently delivering tens of thousands of picture books, papercraft, stationary and more to children and families across Merseyside in time for Christmas. The author’s extensive work with children has also seen her sharing her experiences and lending her expertise to publications such as The Telegraph, The New York Times and ITV’s This Morning.

“As parents, we all want to do the best we can to bring our little ones up in love and stability,” said Natalie. “So when it comes to big topics, such as losing a loved one, anxiety, and sadness, it’s hard to know how to approach it without taking away the magic glow of childhood. That’s why well-crafted story books covering these phases of life are so important. It allows families to talk about sensitive issues in their own way. It’s a much-needed support for parents when life gets tough.”

Written for children aged 5 and above, Natalie’s series will look to start conversations around mental health and emotions, with the aim of allowing children to understand and express their feelings better from an early age. More information on the series’ first book will be released at a later date.

From the archives: Natalie Reeves Billing donates profits from her new book to the Samaritans as part of a star-studded charity challenge to support children’s mental health.

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