Benefits of a Post Workout Massage

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post workout massage

A good workout session can make us feel sore, as we tend to challenge ourselves a little further beyond our limits every time we exercise. The discomfort in our joints and muscles usually lasts from 24-48 hours, but sometimes it can go on for an entire week, with pain and aches getting in the way of our daily tasks, let alone our fitness activities. 

The answer to these problems lies closer than we think, as a lot of these unpleasant after-effects of training can be relieved by a good post-workout massage. If you consider making this practice a regular part of your workout routine, these are some of the benefits you will experience.

It Reduces Inflammation

Intensive workouts lead to microscopic tears in your muscles, causing pain and discomfort. A study by the Ohio State University proved fascinating results a post-training muscle rub can have on your body – massaged muscles showed only half the scar-tissue when compared to non-massaged ones, and had a 14% higher blood vessel formation, meaning that your muscles will bounce back to their form more quickly. 

It Helps With Pain Management

Massage reduces the pain you might be feeling after a workout. A study shows that such positive effects are a result of reduced production of inflammatory cytokines, which weakens the pain you in the same way as common anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Massage is a well-known treatment for pain management, and you can enjoy its immersive benefits at no extra cost if you master a few basic self-massaging techniques and your own hand-made massage oil, for which you can find the recipe on WalkJogRun.

It Speeds Up Your Recovery

A post-workout massage will make your recover twice as fast as regular rest, as it improves your oxygen and blood flow through your body. The stroking movements during a massage move fluid through lymph and blood vessels in your stiff muscles, giving them enough energy and nutrients to repair. It also helps with restoring the original range of motion to your muscles and joints so that you can continue with your daily activities and your exercise of choice effectively. Combining lemon and honey treatment can be a major boost to your recovery, speeding it up, as such a mixture will also reduce the inflammation of your muscles.

It Reduces Tension

Your muscles are often strained after a workout, and when they remain semi-contracted and tight for a prolonged period even when they are resting, the condition is known as muscle tension. An after-training massage will reduce this tension significantly, by decreasing the pressure on your joints and frequency of spasms. A trigger point massage, which focuses on your connective tissues and ligaments besides your muscles, will improve your flexibility too, thus making you less prone to injuries.

It Takes the Stress Away

A study has shown that massage can help you reduce the levels of cortisol, the infamous stress hormone which puts you at a higher risk of serious health problems such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, and weight gain. As our lifestyle already causes us a lot of stress, and puts our wellbeing at risk, every opportunity to relax and unwind is beneficial. A workout is also known to have such a positive impact on our body and mind, but having a complete relaxation right after the training will help us flush any mental tension which remained.

It Reduces the Odds of Injuries

Inflexibility is what can get you injured after training, especially if you’re in bad shape or you had a strenuous session.  A post-workout massage will improve your circulation and increase your range of motion, preventing you from spontaneously favoring one limb over the other one and putting it at a higher risk of suffering an injury.

Make some room for it post-workout massage in your training schedule if you want to enjoy all the benefits it can bring to your body and mind. In order to boost the speed of your recovery, consider your nutrition too, and think about adding some awesome pre and post-workout juices which will refuel your energy levels. 

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