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preparing the kitchen for Christmas


Halloween is only days away and once the bell chimes midnight on Halloween night we will all be on the official home-straight to Christmas. If you want to celebrate the festive season with style this year, you will want to start thinking about things you can do around the house to make it more welcoming and classy for the festivities. Here are a few ways to make your kitchen stand out ready for Christmas.

Have a clear out

The first thing you will want to do to your kitchen before you consider anything else is have a clear-out and a good clean up of the space before December. This will include getting rid of old Tupperware and arranging the cupboards, and it will also involve getting rid of any food which is out of date. You will be buying a lot of food for your Christmas feast so it makes sense to clear out some space now to make room for it all next month.

Invest in silver cutlery

If you want your table to look extra fancy this year, consider investing in silver cutlery. This will make the whole table look very opulent and mean that everything matches if you are using white plates or placemats and napkins. In addition, silver cutlery is really affordable, and it can be used for many years after, so it’s a great investment. Here you can find the best silver cutlery for your Christmas dinner.

Update the fittings

If your kitchen is looking a bit old and drab this year, it might be a good idea to update the whole kitchen now before December hits. You can search for a site such as Fitted Kitchens to look for a fresh, new style and this will make your kitchen feel amazing for the festive period as it will be all brand new. If you don’t want to replace everything, you can simply change your countertop and this will make a massive difference to the space, too.

Buy extra plates

Even if you have enough plates for everyone who is coming over, you might not have enough to lay out your nibbles and side dishes and everything else which goes with a Christmas feast. Having extra plates can also be handy for you if you have children because they might cause a breakage and it will stop you from stressing in the middle of Christmas Day.

Get decorative

Decorations are what the festive season is all about and no room of the house should be left out when you decide to add some festive cheer to the home! You can hang some fairy lights along the wall, have some festive garlands around the room and even hang a wreath on the back door which leads into the garden. You can really be crazy with the kitchen and change your tea towels to festive ones, get out the Christmas coasters and place mats and make the whole room feel like a winter wonderland.

Make a mini bar

There’s no great Christmas without one of your family members getting a bit jolly and drinking too much baileys! A fun craft for the weekend would be to turn a small old cupboard into a mini bar on wheels. If you have draws simply take them out and paint the whole thing silver or gold for a festive and classy effect. Attach wheels to the bottom and then fill your new shelves with alcohol. Place things like lime, salt, stirrers and cherries on the top you have a perfect mini bar for Christmas and new year.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Spittal Bathrooms and William Walter Antiques Ltd. For more seasonal inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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