Property Focus – 5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

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A break-in is a horrible experience, not only because of the loss of sentimental and valuable possessions but because a person has entered your personal space leaving you feeling violated. Although home security has come a long way in recent years, many people still take the ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach and leave themselves at risk to both the physical and emotional damage that a break-in can cause. So here are 5 simple ways to improve your home security.   

1.Install outdoor security lights
Thieves love nothing more than to lurk around in the shadows where they feel they can go unnoticed – don’t give them the please and install outdoor security lights. Outdoor security lights can detect motion and will activate to illuminate any intruders often deterring them from breaking into your property. Install them around your home, especially in dark or hidden areas to make criminals feel watched. 

2. Upgrade the locks on your windows and doors
Windows in particular often come with very rudimentary locks making it easy for thieves to gain entry. Take a tour of your properties windows and see how well they shut and the locks they have fitted and considered having more robust locks installed. Similarly, many people who have latch door locks don’t realise how easy they are to pick open with everyday objects such as a credit card. Have a locksmith come out to your property and explain to you about some more complex locking solutions which may be more effective at outsmarting any intruders.

3. Install a monitored alarm
Alarm systems have come a long way in recent years, whereas once their primary purpose was as an audible warning to those nearby, now many companies offer monitored systems to give you the peace of mind that should your alarm go off when you are not in, that someone else is listening. If a monitored alarm goes off and is not reset then the company can notify the police to your property or send their own security services to check for a break-in – leaving you as safe as houses. 

4. Consider surveillance
Thieves don’t like to feel watched and will avoid cameras that can potentially incriminate them. A surveillance system, therefore, can act as a deterrent and an insurance policy helping you to catch a criminal should they still attempt a break-in. Place security cameras at the main entrances to your property and ensure that they are backed up regularly so that you have access to the footage should you need it. You can even buy dummy surveillance systems which act solely as a deterrent but some criminals can tell the difference and they may not have the same effect.

5. Plant thorny shrubs
Another very simple way to deter criminals from your property is by making it uncomfortable for them to gain access by planting thorny, dense shrubs such as roses, brambles or hawthorn hedges. Although you may not want these shrubs taking pride of place in your garden they do make excellent guards for your borders and can give any wayward intruders a nasty surprise. 

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