Quality, Not Quantity! Making Proper Couple Time

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Whether you’ve got children or you both are just too busy, it can seem that the idea of proper couple time is disappearing. It would appear that now, we prefer to just sit on our phones next to each other, rather than actually interacting. Yes, this is quite a stereotypical perspective. But when we start to pursue different hobbies and orbit in different spheres, this could mean that we are gradually growing apart. So we have to make more of a concerted effort to spend quality time together. But are there ways for us to do it simply, rather than forcing ourselves to carve time out in our diaries?

Have A “Lie-in”

While we may feel that Saturday or Sunday morning is the best time to get to the gym, if we are up and about before 8 am hits, we can never get that benefit of cosying up together. What’s more, you could just go to bed earlier. It doesn’t have to be anything sexy, but if you wanted to, you could make room for nookie every now and again. Not just so you do spend time together as a couple, but you feel that attraction and steam! You could go on the Something Wicked website and purchase some luxury lingerie so you are putting in a little bit of effort for the occasion. The next morning, you can have pastries and coffee in bed, and this could be all you need to feel close to one another again.

Recreate Your First Date

We could be so busy that we fall into those routines where that first date seems like a lifetime ago. We should remember why we fell for each other in the first place. Recreating the first date is a little adventure, but it’s something that activates that muscle memory. Going back to a simpler time in your mind when there were fewer things to worry about and it was just the two of you can help you both to see the light and realise that perhaps you’ve been taking each other for granted. It doesn’t have to be anything excessive, and it’s unlikely that your first date was dinner, dancing, and staying up till 5 am. And even if it was, at the very least, do one of those things!

Avoid Those Chores

Yes, we get it, there are things to do! But if the house looks clean enough, or that bill doesn’t need paying right away, then surely you can just skip the chores for this weekend and spend some time together? We all have things that we need to do, but they don’t always have to be done on schedule. Life can be great if we follow a routine, but that routine can get you stuck in a bit of a rut. And if you feel that the chores and the routines are more of a priority than your partner, it might be time to rethink this!

We all feel guilty that we don’t spend enough time with our partner. But rather than constantly chewing this over in our minds, all we’ve got to do is make sure it’s quality time.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Something Wicked and Bristol Dance Experience. For more inspiration for ways to spend time with your partner, why not pay a visit to our lifestyle page.

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