Raise The Mood With These Lockdown Gifts

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Lockdown is pretty tough for all involved. Whether you’re under a full lockdown, quarantining due to covid or even under curfew. It can be pretty tough to find a light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, especially if you live somewhere which has hit pretty hard. If you know a loved one who is finding life particularly hard at the moment it might be the right time to grab a gift to pull their mood up and take their mind off any pressing issues. It’s not something which is a good long-term solution, and if their mental health is really suffering it’s probably better to seek help, but in the short term, a surprise gift can work wonders.

The Gift Of A Premium Drink


Sometimes, sitting down with a nightcap can really cheer you up. Too much is a bad thing, but a small tipple or Gordons or Laphroaig can go down a treat. You’ll know what they like most. Check the cupboards and see what they’ve run out of. Filling it might be a nice surprise. Maybe you can get something better, too – a more premium drink which they can look forward to enjoying. There are some great specialist drink stores out there, or you can just check your local supermarket. 

Bump Up The Comfort


If they’re working from home, life can get a little uncomfortable sometimes. Especially if they don’t have a huge amount of clothes suitable for loungewear. You find this with people who usually work in the office or have to dress in uniform, or business attire. They’re not used to having lots of loungewear. Maybe you can grab them some joggers and a matching hoodie. Or something a little comfier like hard wearing PJ’s for wearing around the house. Being more comfortable can make work a lot easier and is certainly a gift which would be greatly received. Think outside the box too. Maybe something like a cushion to make a chair comfier, or a laptop tray if they’re working in an awkward position. Anything which makes life a bit more comfortable right now is certainly a gift worth having.

The Gift Of A Pastime


With so many social avenues unavailable at the moment, giving someone something with which they can pass the time can be the best of gifts and the great news is that you can get something to suit any budget. From a good book, to a Playstation 5, the success of which is debated due to the difficulty in buying one. Do they already own a Playstation or console? Buy a game or accessory instead. You know the person more than anyone else. Look at their hobbies. They like to draw? Maybe you buy them a new set of paper or pencils to try out. Are they into fitness and exercise? Maybe an exercise mat or some weights. There’s always something if you set your mind to it and at the moment the gift of a pastime is probably the most valuable of all.

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