6 Foods That Reduce Acne Breakouts

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Hormonal activity is sometimes responsible for acne flare-ups, especially in teenagers. Young people have a lot going on in their bodies hence the manifestations of acne and other bodily changes. However, acne does not just affect growing teens battling with numerous hormonal changes. Sometimes, this problem persists into adulthood and can be a real problem. Fortunately, acne is controllable.

While numerous products can be used for acne treatment, food is definitely the safest and most effective since it works from inside out. You learn to treat your body from the inside then see the result on your skin. Maintaining a healthy diet is key in successfully fighting acne breakouts. Below are some of the best foods to consume when fighting acne.

1. Carrots

Carrots: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

Carrots are great but often overlooked. They are used as an ingredient in many foods, especially soups. Add carrots to your meals, or eat them raw to get maximum benefits. Carrots come packed with loads of vitamin A and beta-carotene, both of which help to ease any inflammation caused by acne. Carrots also enhance natural exfoliation and prevent more flare-ups because they provide a defence against inflammation. According to experts, low levels of vitamin A contribute significantly towards acne breakouts. So increase your intake of vitamin A and notice significant improvements.

2. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

Having a handful of Brazil nuts every once in a white is great. These nuts are full of selenium, an important ingredient in fighting acne. This component is an antioxidant that works great for skincare. What’s more, you only need a handful or two of Brazilian nuts every day to achieve tremendous results. You can include them in your meals creatively by adding them to your oatmeal.

3. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

Are you fond of making smoothies for breakfast or before lunch? The next time you prepare your vitamin loaded smoothie, consider adding a handful of pumpkin seeds for the natural boost of essential nutrients. It comes with crucial phytonutrients, minerals, and phytosterols. These include the likes of copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and iron. Zinc is especially potent as an antioxidant in addition to being known to help reduce sebum production, a significant acne trigger. This translates to healthy skin. You can also include the seeds in your baked foods, especially cakes and pastries.

4. Salmon

Salmon: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

Nothing screams Omega 3 more than salmon. Most fish come packed with useful omega 3 oils that are excellent in combatting acne since they fight inflammation. The result is often a glowing skin. Eating salmon generously also comes with the benefit of weight maintenance, in addition to boosting your mental health. Once in a while, include a grilled salmon fillet in your diet for a great boost of these important fats. Try having smoked salmon with avocado for your breakfast.

5. Green Tea

Green tea: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

While numerous advantages come with consuming green tea regularly, the most important one is the overall health boost. It is advisable to add it to your daily routine. Green tea works as an antioxidant as it comes packed with lots of these beneficial elements. Apart from that, it is also a great hydrating drink. This is important as the effects of dehydration can be dire. Usually, the skin gets puffy and tends to swell, especially if you are on acne medication.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes: foods that can help prevent acne breakouts

As previously mentioned, Vitamin C is extremely important for healthy skin. In addition to this, tomatoes also have lots of bioflavonoids and are considered generally good for immunity. They work very well for the skin since the nutrients in them are powerful antioxidants.

Incorporating foods that are high with antioxidants, vitamin C, and other minerals that boost healthy skin is the secret to beating acne. So incorporate some of the foods above into your diet and expect a quick improvement in your skin.

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