Reflecting on Bold Street Coffee’s ‘Ain’t No Time To Hate’ exhibition

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Bold Street Coffee exhibition

There was a connection between Anthony Walker and me. I worked at the College where he was a student. He was half-way through his course, and he was really popular with his class mates. He smiled a lot.

Afterwards, we sat in class and discussed what had happened. Everyone was in a state of shock. We did a lot of talking that morning, and perhaps the students themselves helped clarify what racism entails.

WORDS: Jean Hill

I was really moved by a poem in the exhibition, written by Dominique Walker.

Because he was Black

When people ask me what killed my brother Anthony.

I look them in the eye, so they know the truth. He was killed because he was Black.

He was walking his girlfriend home and killed for it.

But, even in my rage, my grief,

I am optimistic.

That, we have got to a stage where Black people can walk free…

George, Breonna, Tamir, Sandra, Jordan, Mark and Stephen will see this different…

What will it take for Black people to be free?

Let’s start with the language.

White people have to start to understand the language of which I speak.

We must speak the same language of anti-racism, so we

Can identify, describe and dismantle racism in all its forms –

No more misunderstanding. There is no neutrality in the anti-racism struggle.

The time is now for White people to do the work, no time for hate.

Black people been ready.

We must unite, so we can all be free.

Bold Street Coffee is a great place to drink coffee, which they take really seriously and their food is lovingly prepared with a healthy balance of ingredients. His & Hers really enjoyed our last visit. Anywhere that serves a mango salad is a friend of mine. The lamb tagine with jewelled cous cous is a classic. My own favourite is coffee braised beef feather-blade. It needs a long slow burn to give it the signature flavour, and then voila: a slightly bitter, rich coffee taste intermingles with the natural sweetness of the meat. I am a big risotto fan, and the butternut squash risotto has great concentrated flavour.

Bold Street Coffee regularly put on photographic exhibitions. This was an important exhibition, that combined images and poetry, and its message is a lasting one. We all need to be actively against racism in all its forms. And we need to stand up and be counted.

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