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Giving your home a breath of fresh air can be done within any budget, however, it is common to make certain mistakes and forget other aspects of a home renovation. In addition to worrying about how affordable the changes you want to make are, and not planning in advance for them, there are a few other mistakes that are commonly made and should be avoided.

Thinking about any renovation plans long term, with an open but realistic mind ensures you’re not worried about disliking your changes 6 months down the line. Making changes in your home is supposed to be fun so that you can enjoy the finished project with your friends and family.

Start With Your Most Used Rooms

Think about which rooms in your home you spend more time in – is it the living room, your bedroom, or your garden? Functional spaces, such as the bathroom, need to be up-to-date to avoid costly and urgent renovations.

It may also be worth renovating your living room, as this can be made into a cosy room for any season with a newly installed wood fire. Creating an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation is easy, and fireplaces often become a focal point in an already important room.

Respect the Original Architecture

Several styles and designs can be paired together perfectly, with minimal to no clashing. It is important, however, that your home’s original architecture is kept to its core identity as much as possible. Respecting the original architecture will also ensure that your renovation project goes smoothly, as you will find exactly what you need more easily.

Fireplace accessories, for example, are a great option to either add a touch of classic sophistication to your modern home or to complement your traditional style with added touches of Edwardian times.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations

When you plan your budget and what you want to renovate in your home, it is best to be realistic about how much money you will spend and the size of the project. Be prepared for unexpected spending, as you may find certain areas in your home require a more extensive refurbishment than you first anticipated.

You may have your heart set on a specific fire insert, for example, but it might not be the best choice for your home. Having a professional opinion guiding you through the entire choosing, purchasing, and installation process is important for accurate estimations.

Think About the Future

Home renovations should not be just about a short-term solution for your home. Thinking about which rooms you want to renovate, you should aim to guarantee a long-term result. It is best to utilise quality materials when refurbishing or installing something for the first time. For example, should you wish to add more value to your home, installing a high-quality bio ethanol fire is sure to be that touch of sophistication and luxury that you were looking for.

Whether you want a fire or a small burner, these details add up and will aid you should you wish to sell your home. Living in a balanced atmosphere and environment, in which you have strategically positioned fires, creates a haven of relaxation and warmth.

Hire a Professional

As fun and seemingly reasonable DIY projects may seem, often taking it upon yourself to make any changes within your home can be more expensive. Hiring a professional for the more labour-intensive aspects of your home renovation is a more affordable solution.

Smaller projects such as replacing small fixtures are quickly and efficiently done DIY-style, but speaking to a professional for bigger endeavours will guarantee accuracy and high-quality. Projects such as an outdoor fire require professionals to ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed to prevent any accident from occurring.

Should you need expert fireplace installation and maintenance, Real Flame offer a professional service that ensures your home is renovated to your requirements. From bio ethanol fires to traditional wood burning stoves, safety and professionalism are utmost priorities.

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