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Romantic things to do in London


It is often said that Christmas is a time for children, but if you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas in the city without kids this year then you’ll know that there’s a lot more fun to be had without them! In reality, the twinkling lights, music everywhere, and general feeling of peace and goodwill to all men means that Christmas is an incredibly romantic time of year. So, if you’re using vacation rental services in Central London to spend Christmas in the city with your significant other, you’re in luck! Here are our picks of the five most romantic things you can do in London this Christmas:

  1. Hit the Ice

Romantic things to do in London 1

It doesn’t matter whether you can whizz round the rink like a pro or look like Bambi taking his first steps, there’s something incredibly romantic about ice skating. It gives you the opportunity to hold hands (as you cling on for dear life), snuggle together to keep warm against the chill of the ice, and enjoy a warming hot chocolate when it’s all over. London is home to dozens of pop-up ice-skating rinks during the winter months, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. But some of our favourites include the picturesque rinks at Somerset House and at The Natural History Museum. Both are incredibly popular, so book your slot in advance to avoid disappointed. (Image by: Somerset House).

  1. Enjoy a Christmassy Afternoon Tea

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When it’s cold outside, there is nothing nicer than warming up with a slice of cake and a steaming hot cup of tea. In London, though, this tradition is amplified and turned into something spectacular thanks to the luxury afternoon tea tradition. Finger sandwiches, scones smothered in cream and jam, and tiny but decadent cakes are the order of the day. As the name suggests, afternoon tea is traditionally served in the afternoon, and is an experience that should be lingered over: traditionally taking an hour or two to enjoy, this is the perfect opportunity to talk, bond, and share special experiences. During the Christmas season, many tea shops will provide a Christmas-twist on their afternoon tea, injecting a touch of fun festivity. Looking for the perfect tea? Head to Mayfair. Claridge’s, The Langtry, and of course, Harrods, all provide a wonderful experience and delicious Christmas-themed treats. Images by: Claridge’s.

  1. Take a Carriage Ride

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Taking a carriage ride through the park is something that tourists often experience in New York: Central Park is famed for its horses and its carriage route. However, this is something you can also experience in the UK, thanks to the relatively new carriage service now being offered in Richmond park. A traditional horse and cart ride will take you around the park, whilst you enjoy the ride cozied together under blankets in the back seat. What better way or more romantic way to get close, explore the city, and experience something a little different? For added bonus points, bring along mulled wine and mince pies to make the journey a little more decadent and festive. Image by: Your London Experience.

  1. Get Lost in a Maze

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Everyone loves to get lost in a maze: it’s exciting, disorientating, and fundamentally romantic to not be quite sure where you are or how to get out when you’re doing it with someone you love. Each year, Vauxhall installs a pop up maze with a fun Christmassy twist: their Christmas tree maze is situated in the Vauxhall pleasure gardens and features an ice skating rink at its heart. Enjoy the maze and the beautiful twinkling lights of the Christmas trees as over 500 trees are lit up, covering 500 square meters of the gardens. You literally wont be able to see the wood from the trees! And once you’ve made your victorious escape? Head to one of the many pop up cabins throughout the park for a warming glass of hot chocolate to celebrate your success!

  1. Head to the Royal Albert Hall

Romantic things to do in London 5

Finally, why not head to the Royal Albert Hall and treat your ears to some incredible live Christmas music? The theatre offers a full programme of festive treats throughout December so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for traditional Christmas carols or a full operatic spectacular, you’ll find it here. This is a thoroughly grown-up way to spend an evening, so why not revel in the kind of festive experience that you certainly couldn’t enjoy if you’d brought your kids along? Image by: The Royal Albert Hall.

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