Follow the Wellness trail at the Royal Albert Dock

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Royal Albert Dock wellness trail

This is a guide to enjoying the beautiful waterfront sights and sounds, all around the Dock, on the wellness trail.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool has continued to welcome visitors through the dock gates and around the Colonnades during lockdown. It has been a glorious backdrop, to enjoy the sunniest spring and hopefully it will be the ideal spot to celebrate a great summer.

The Albert Dock estate sits on the UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront and city residents have been walking, jogging, cycling and even paddle boarding their way through it. 

Follow the Wellness trail, at the Royal Albert Dock

Walkers can follow the Liverpool South Docks Wellbeing Walk designed by the Canal and River Trust which starts at the Toll House at the Albert Dock. It follows King’s Parade adjacent to the River Mersey and past the Marina at Coburg Wharf, ending the 1.3 mile riverside walk. Sunset walks have proved ever-popular with the sun setting towards New Brighton and Wirral peninsular. 

Amateur and professional photographers have flocked here for decades to capture the Dock’s  ever-changing panorama through the light nights of summer. This is a first: you can take a must- have selfie with Liverpool Mountain by Ugo Rondinone, next to Tate Liverpool. It will guarantee likes and Mountain selfie envy. 

The water within the wider Dock system including Albert, Canning and Salthouse is used by paddle boarders, kayakers and canal enthusiasts alike. Water flows through the city and the Albert Dock is that wellness break from the shops and streets of the city centre. 

The Albert Dock is a stunning outdoor space. You can enjoy a summer ice cream Dockside, or jog around the Colonnades or cycle the Riverside path past the historic warehouses. The choice is absolutely yours.

It is your perfect backdrop. There is something about the gentle lapping of water against the Dock and the solid permanence of the beautiful sand-stone architecture that soothes the soul. Wellness begins with a walk in the sunlight and dappled shade, in a place of beauty and tranquillity.

For further details of how to enjoy your Albert Dock and the latest updates, visit:

Here’s the link to the map for the wellbeing walk at the Albert Dock:

Tate, Liverpool: Ugo Rondinone, Liverpool Mountain, 2018: Installation view at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. Photography: Mark McNulty.

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