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We aren’t all blessed with feelings of self-confidence. In fact, many of us feel downright rubbish, day in and day out. And there are a number of reasons why.

  • We may feel inadequate at work, especially when compared to our high-flying colleagues who always seem to better us.
  • We may not be happy with our body image – going beyond a bad hair day, there may be reasons why we feel inferior, be that problems with our weight, or issues with our teeth or skin.
  • Other people may put us down, be that members of our family, apparent friends, or those people in life who think they are better than us.

Our self-esteem can be affected in so many ways, and this can lead to other problems. Anxiety and depression, being two of them. So, what can be done? We don’t want to live a life filled with negative thoughts, as that will only cripple us further. If you want to make some positive changes in your life, you might want to consider the following.

  • Practice self-affirmation techniques, countering the negative thoughts you feel with something positive. Rather than telling yourself “I am rubbish,” tell yourself “I am worthy,” and think of the reasons why. Think of the many things you have and can do well. Think of the good qualities you possess. And remind yourself of them every time a negative thought creeps into your mind.
  • Start to make changes in your life, rather than accepting self-defeat. If you can do something to improve your self-esteem, then do it. If you know your colleagues are better than you at work, find ways to improve your skill set, or change career, moving into something you are more suited to. We don’t agree with body shaming in any shape or form (sorry for the pun), but if aren’t happy with your body, try and do something to help your situation. Perhaps a diet plan if you’re suffering with weight issues, for example, or dental Implants if you need to correct your smile. Sometimes, the only way your life will change for the better is if you are proactive.
  • Be around those people who lift you up, rather than suffer with those people who are constantly putting you down. True friends will support you, compliment you, and encourage you. If they don’t do any of those things; if they are continually making you feel bad, perhaps it’s time you ditched them. When it comes to those people you can’t easily get rid of – family members and work colleagues – you don’t need to let their words hurt you. Challenge them on what they say, and ask yourself why they are being negative in the first place. Perhaps they are jealous of you!
  • Get rid of bad habits. Are you doing something that affects the way you feel? You may have issues with addiction – perhaps smoking, despite knowing that it’s bad for you, or drinking heavily, for example. Find ways to get help; look for places or people who can help you deal with these addictions for good. Start forming good habits in their place – exercise, eating healthily, educating yourself – those things that will make you feel better physically and mentally, rather than sabotaging your sense of wellbeing.

What do you think? Does any of what we have said resonate with you? If so, why not start to put our advice into practice. You will feel better as you start taking control of your life and surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good every time you see them.

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