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There are so many homeowners who look around their homes and make grand plans about what they can change and when they should change it. The flooring needing replacing. The ceilings need to be repainted. The grand chandelier in the hall needs to be changed for spotlights. These big changes that you want to make will, of course, have a huge impact on the way that you view your home. Homeowners look at the big picture and see the big changes and don’t know where to start. However, what if you were told that you didn’t have to make such huge changes, and instead, could make smaller changes and you’ll have the same impact? Well, it’s okay if you don’t quite believe it, because here are seven little changes that will give your home the boost it needs.

Declutter. It’s such a simple concept; tidy the surfaces of the home so that it instantly looks cleaner and clearer. This’ll also tell you whether you need to replace your countertops. That’s a big change, but until you declutter and see the space, you’ll never know if you need to do it!

Doors. The doors that lead from room to room often need a lick of paint or an upgrade to their locks and handles. You can bring in a locksmith to change the handles and locks for you before you decide on colours to repaint the doors. Little changes create a big visual impact, with less chance of spending an entire renovation budget.

Lighting. A well-lit room has the power to make you feel totally different about the space. Your lighting helps you to feel warm and welcome in your own home and can make your guests feel the very same way. Think about dimmer switches as well as the fixtures that you plan to use.

Drawers. Kitchen cabinets and drawers have a habit of slamming shut with the slightest nudge. You can install soft-close hinges and slow them right down so there are no more loud bangs when you are done with a cupboard.

Outlets. The one thing that can really break up the wall space around the kitchen is a set of outlets. Swapping these out for outlets built into the counter tops is going to freshen up the walls of the kitchen and make the whole place look far sleeker than you could have imagined.

Hidden Appliances. Whether you’re hiding the refrigerator or the washer dryer, having these behind cupboard doors is going to make your whole space look chic and beautiful, which is what everyone wants for their home.

Steps. If there are children in the home, you’ll know the annoyance of having small steps constantly moved from room to room as they reach to wash their hands or reach for toys. Vanity steps in the bathroom are a far better solution!

These seven changes aren’t all that expensive compared to the whole home renovation you had in mind, but they will still transform your entire home. Make these changes and you’ll love the results.

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