Seven Home Upgrades You Never Knew You Needed

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When you last thought about upgrading your interior you may not have considered how your changes could change the value of your home. You can add value in an instant simply by adding a lick of paint here and an extension there. There are so many ways that you can give your home a boost and while you may not be looking to sell your house any time soon, it’s not the only reason to upgrade!

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From a Mansard Loft Conversion to an extension in the form of a conservatory, you can really change the look of your home and the way it feels to be in there. You want your house to stand out in the most positive way and that means choosing to make exciting changes – but where to begin? There are seven amazing upgrades that you could consider choosing from, and here they are below:

  1. Give it a clean. Honestly, one of the better upgrades is a simple one. Cleaning the house will ensure that you have everything that you need because a clean house can instantly give it a facelift. The quickest way to upgrade is to mop, vacuum and polish where you can and then stay on top of it. You don’t have to indulge if you don’t want to, as all you have to do is call a cleaner and ask them to do it for you. It’s the one thing that you will be able to manage whatever your budget!
  2. Consider repainting the rooms. When was the last time you chose new colours for each of the rooms in your house? When you repaint the rooms one by one you change the way that the whole space looks, and that will give it a boost and make you feel good about it. If you’re just moving into a new house, then painting all of the walls is going to make you feel good about the way the home looks and freshen it up before you’ve even moved in the furniture.
  3. Add wallpaper. Whether it’s a feature wall or it’s an entire room, wallpaper is making a comeback. Wallpaper also looks great in playrooms and such; you can brighten up the space for your children, which can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. You can choose bright and bubbly or muted and soft – it’s up to you. You don’t have to apply it yourself, as you can call a contractor. 
  4. Upgrade your appliances. Go to the kitchen and make a list of the appliances that are in dire need of an upgrade. Then, go shopping! Taking the time to choose appliances that will enhance your home rather than rattle and break down every day is going to help. You’ll also make your home much more energy efficient because there is an Energy Star certification on appliances that will make your home more energy efficient. 
  5. Restore the flooring. Does the house you live in have original hardwood flooring under the carpets? If your home has hardwood flooring, restoring it to its original glory is going to be wonderful! It’ll enhance the way your home looks while also enhancing the value of it at the same time. Restoring hardwood floors may take some time but once you refinish it it’ll be worth the time and cost. It’s a labour-intensive job but it’s worth it!
  6. Upgrade your lighting and electronics. When was the last time you managed to upgrade the lighting? Boosting your home’s interior appeal is going to be much easier when you replace the lighting within it. You can switch out harsh or overly bright bulbs for the softer, more pleasant options, and you don’t have to ignore the very powerful results you’ll get from swapping out the light shades, too. Adding lighting under counters and in corridors will also be a fantastic addition to the house and help you to add a lot of value. This doesn’t have to be an overly expensive project so just ensure that you are upgrading your home based on what you can afford!
  7. Upgrading your fixtures. Have you looked at the drawer and cabinet pulls lately? When was the last time you freshened those up? This is an upgrade that’s inexpensive and makes a big change to your house. It’s like having a facelift in the home without needing to change too much. 

These upgrades may be news to you but they will each do their best to change the way your home is valued.

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