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During our busy lives, it is important to practice self-care in a number of ways. This might be by eating foods which are good for the gut, such as pumpkins, meditating to calm the mind, or getting extra sleep to feel refreshed. 

One aspect of self care we should take the opportunity to explore this winter is beauty. From makeup to skincare to haircare – looking after our outer body is a good way to keep us feeling our best and to boost confidence. 

Today we want to share with you some of the simple ways you can boost your beauty routine this winter and make yourself feel happier and healthier. 

Invest in good skincare 

Zo Skin Health
Pictured: The Zo Skin Health Daily Skincare Program

Skincare is the literal foundation for our outward appearance and we should take steps to look after it. It is helpful to explore different skincare brands and products such as at Zo Skin Health and find products which suit us and make a positive difference to our skin. This can stop us getting into a skincare rut. Cleansing and moisturising the skin each day is an essential step in our beauty routine and other steps such as exfoliating, toning, and masks are important too. Come up with a routine you can stick to and make sure your skin stays happy all year long. 

Buy heat protective hair spray 

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It is more important than ever to protect your hair from harsh heat. If you have been online recently you may have seen the Tik Tok of a hairdresser demonstrating heat protection spray on toast. Heat protection spray is much more important than you may think and should be a crucial step in your hair routine. By using it, you’ll not only prevent damage but you’ll also end up with a beautiful sheen on your hair once styled. 

Create a DIY face mask 

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To treat your skin this week and practice a bit of natural self-care; why not make your own three-ingredient hair mask? This simple mask is a mixture of avocado, honey, and natural yogurt. Mash the avocado and mix with some honey and yogurt until thick but spreadable and apply to your face. Avocado is great for hydration, honey has acne fighting properties, and yogurt has proteins which can promote cell regeneration. This simple natural mask is a great choice to bring your skin back to life. 

Invest in a manicure kit 


If you want to look after your nails at home and stop relying on the salon so much, you should invest in a good manicure kit this winter. Use your kit to cut away cuticles, file and buff your nail surface, and scrape away dead skin from under the nails. You can also spot a cuticle oil each day to keep them strong, and then have fun choosing the perfect manicure for your hands. 

There are many simple tricks you can try to up your beauty game this winter and keep you healthy and strong – and these are just a few of them. Have fun trying out some of these tricks to keep yourself healthy and happy this winter. 

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Zo Skin Health. For more features, please pay a visit to our beauty page.

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