“Judge Me By My Size Do You?” Getting The Most Out of a Small Living Space

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small living space

With a new Star Wars movie currently hitting cinema screens, let’s spare a thought for the dearly departed Jedi Master Yoda. Because, whether or not this was George Lucas’ original intention, his depiction of this fabled warrior as a diminutive green sprite makes a very eloquent point about how we in western society misjudge the small. When we are first introduced to him in The Empire Strikes Back, our protagonist Luke Skywalker dismisses Yoda as inconsequential and even a little bit annoying. This is much the same way we might feel towards having to make the most out of a small living space. We might bemoan the fact that there’s insufficient room to store all our belongings, that it can feel too cramped to be cosy or that it’s simply “not big enough”. 

But don’t be so quick to dismiss a small space like a studio apartment or a backyard cabin. Because (apologies for the mixed references here) to paraphrase the bard, though it is but little, it can still be fierce!

Here are some ways to get the most out of a small living space…

Start with your windows

small living space 1

Windows are so important in interior design but especially for small spaces. Even spacious rooms can look cramped when natural light is limited, which is why it’s important to take a “windows first” approach to decor. Avoid thick and heavy drapes as they can dwarf the space. Opt instead for window blinds which allow you to control how much natural light you allow into your space. And when a small space is bathed in natural light it looks much bigger and more spacious. 

Invest in storage furniture

small living space 2

Most of us own a lot of stuff. And when we don’t have sufficient storage space, that can lead to clutter which apart from diminutising our living space also takes a surprising toll on our mental health. Fortunately the market is awash with furniture including beds, ottomans, pouffes and chairs which also double up as storage so that you can stay comfortable while avoiding clutter.

Maximise vertical space

small living space 3

You might be short on floorspace… but you may have an abundance of vertical space going unused. Look for tall, slender bookcases and cabinets and use vertical stacking of shelves to give you more wall storage without making the space look cluttered. 

Likewise, if you’re decorating a studio apartment you may want to invest in a space saving solution like an adult bunk bed which doubles as space under which you can keep a desk or sofa. 

Bare walls are a good thing in small spaces

small living space 4

Finally, remember that while your walls are a great opportunity to express yourself, it’s easy to overdo it in a small space. Bare wall reflects natural light which in turn makes the room appear more spacious. It also draws more attention to any statement wall art that you choose to display so be as discerning as possible when it comes to what you display on your walls.

Eloquence speaks louder than volume when it comes to design.

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