How To Easily Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

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It’s taken some time but we’re finally at a stage with technology where we can say that it’s possible to fully automate our lives. Not only do smart home gadgets and appliances make our lives easier and more convenient, but they also help preserve our environment thanks to greener technology. Interested in turning your home into a smart home but not sure how? Here’s how you can easily do that.

Imagine it this way…

You’ve finished work after a long and difficult day. Your boss has been on your back chasing deadlines, customers have been rude, and quite frankly, you’ve had enough. Thankfully though, you can now retire to your home and enjoy relaxing more easily than ever before…

You arrive home and you’re greeted with your Ring CCTV system and the comforting thought of knowing that your home has been safe and sound all day. You know this because Ring alerts you on your phone of any visitors, and even when the cats come in and out. No hidden surprises are just what you need right now.

As soon as you enter your home you hear the familiar click of your heating turning itself on, and that’s thanks to your German electric heating system and home hub working simultaneously together to make your life easier. You soon begin to feel the warmth as you put away your work clothes and change into something more comfortable.

A short while later it’s time to cook dinner, so you use your MHUB PRO with its uControl app to control your kitchen television to pop on some entertainment. You remember that you’re cooking a special recipe tonight, so you ask Alexa which recipes you’ve saved so that you don’t have to dig through your cooking books. She tells you what you need and you’re soon into the full swing of cooking dinner.

After eating it’s finally time to relax, so you adjust your lighting using your mobile app to set the perfect ambiance in your lounge. A little while after flicking through channels you notice a rerun of your favourite film and decide to settle down for the night, but not before turning on your surround sound speakers and using your motorised TV mount to create the perfect viewing position.

Once the film is over you realise how tense you’re feeling, so you take yourself off for a long bath and turn on your ProofVision bathroom TV so that you can sink back with some entertainment. During your bath, you realise that you haven’t set your wash/dryer off, but there’s no need to panic! You simply use your handy mobile app or Alexa to instruct it to begin your regular cycle. You sink back knowing your clothes will be ready and waking when you wake up.

After your bath, you’re feeling truly relaxed. You check your Ring app to ensure that your property is safe before tucking yourself up in bed. Your smart lighting system begins to dim the lights and before you know it, you’re in a deep slumber.

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