4 Tactics To Bring The Spring Indoors (Featuring Spring Decor Essentials)

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Spring has most definitely sprung, and what a great excuse that gives us to open up our interior space, embrace some new designs, and have a bit of a refresh. In fact, you can find out about all the ways you can bring spring vibes indoors in the post below.

Flower power  

Floral motifs have always been popular in interior design, but this spring we seem to be spoiled with an even greater choice than usual. In fact, there are Victorian-esque botanical designs, bold and bright flowers, and even a more subtle watercolour look to choose from.

Of course, if it’s a statement that you are looking for you can do no better than to choose a dramatic floral design and display it on the walls,. You can even get a high-end on-trend look by doubling down on the same design and using it for soft furnishing as well as walls.

However, if you are looking to introduce a floral theme more subtly, there are plenty of options as well. One is to choose throw pillows with a bright floral design that can break up the look of your living room and add a little more texture and interest for spring.

Alternatively, why not go with actual flowers, with simple glass vases and pops of colours from tulips, daffodils and irises, or even hanging baskets? You may also  want to pick out a floral themed piece of artwork to hand in your space which will provide a nod to spring, but also ensure that your overall aesthetic is maintained.

Let there be light

More than anything else, an increase in sunlight is what makes me think that spring has finally sprung. Of course, all that lovely light isn’t much good if you are sitting in a dark and dingy room.

Happily, there are some smart ways that you can introduce more light into your interiors this season. One very straightforward way is to take down the thick and heavy curtains you have at the windows for winter. Then replace them instead with thinner, lighter styles in white and cream, or even voiles which will let in as much light as possible. The transformation you can expect can be quite significant!

Alternatively, why not consider installing some glass doors along one side of your room? Something that will let in not only vast amounts of light and give you a marvellous view of the garden in the full bloom of spring, but can also be opened up to let in the breeze, and make a much more flowing transition to you outside space as well.

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Happily, there are a range of options you can use if you wish to go ahead with something like this including picking aluminium sliding doors which feature huge glass panels that allow natural light to flood into a room. Then there are bi-folding doors which fold back on one another for a similar effect. You could even go for some simple French style doors if you like, although you would be sacrificing at least some of that beautiful light by doing so!


“Eggs, eggs, eggs, all I want is eggs!” This is the mantra that you will be chasing after looking at all the wonderful Easter decorations that you can get your hands on this spring. Don’t be mistaken though we aren’t talking about cheesy or tacky decorations here but understated, pastel style eggs that provide a delicate nod to the season without overpowering your interior.

Choose loose speckled varieties in pastel colours that you can arrange in decorative bowl or basket, or maybe even pick out some smaller versions and get caught with a pool noodle and glue gun to create a customised wreath to hang on the front door. A decoration that is perfect not only for welcoming spring into your home but also your guests this season.

Tropical touches  

Finally when it comes to embracing spring what could be more perfect than adding a few vacation vibes and tropical touches to your interior decor? Happily, this is something that is pretty darn easy to do at the moment because stores are flooded with tropical designs and furniture items made from bamboo.

spring decor 2

In particular, look out for prints that include palm leaves and rubber plants as this 70’s boho staple is super on trend right now. Also, look for chairs, plants holders, mirrors, and shelves all made from light bamboo or rattan which match with the palm leaf design well, and can lighten things up and provide a perfect spring-like aesthetic.

We’re proud to bring you this feature in association with FD2U and Poster Lounge. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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