Storage Options for Small Gardens

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We all know how useful a garden shed can be to hide a multitude of sins but, let’s face it, they’re not for everyone! Unless you are the next Roald Dahl writing bestsellers in your Writing Hut, aka the shed, maybe you are considering other options for storage in your garden or allotment. If you like a more modern garden aesthetic or want to make your garden storage ideas a little more understated or updated, then read on.

Ditch the Shed


Gardeners from properties of all sizes, from country gardens to balcony gardens, know that keeping things tidy necessitates a slew of gardening tools. Unfortunately, the tools themselves require a place, or else the strewn trowels and wheelbarrows would become an unwelcome distraction from your planting and other features. If you are one of those anti-shed people, why not think about investing in a 6ft container as a great storage space? This can become a focal point in your garden, especially if you utilise all available space and add a living roof on top of it. Shipping containers for hire or purchase are available to provide secure storage in your garden or allotment. These are equipped with multiple air vents while being wind and water-tight. There are also additional accessories available to improve your security, access and even storage capacity.

Chic Shelving and Wall Hanging

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Shelving may be rapidly constructed to keep the floor or ground clear and to take advantage of any available vertical space. Upturned terracotta pots provide level planking supports, while a stack of wooden crates, apple boxes, or baskets provide convenient storage for anything and everything. Ladder-style shelving is very trendy at the moment and provides space for all sorts of garden implements and potted plants.

Even the smallest wall space can be put to excellent use. Get a ready-made wall storage solution or make an improvised garden tool hanger by attaching hooks to a wooden trellis.

Repurpose and Upcycle

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An old piece of furniture you’ve been promising for months to send to the dump can be used outside as garden storage. A chest of drawers or an old writing desk can be used to store a variety of objects while also providing more space for cultivating a container garden. Simply ensure that you use strong wood furniture and that it is carefully protected with a suitable finish from the elements. Use drawers and shelves to store all of your gardening supplies in old wooden tables, dressers, and desks in the yard or your container/shed. Look for vintage components in salvage yards if you want to use industrial metal shelving and racking in your garden. This can easily become your potting station with piles of pots and carefully stored seeds ready for some love and attention.  

Log Storage as Art

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A good store of firewood is a must in many homes for use inside and on the barbecue. Log storage does not have to be strictly functional; if you invest in something attractive, you can transform a large pile of wood into a lovely focal point in your garden.

Multifunctional Items

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Multifunctional items are the way to go in gardens with limited space. A garden bench with storage in the seat is a great investment and provides you with a place to stash the sun lounger cushions and other bits that need to be hidden from sight!

BBQ workstations add extra surface area for outdoor entertaining and usually include lots of storage for your grilling supplies. Some brands feature a spice rack, paper towel holder, and bottle opener in addition to plenty of secure storage. A stainless steel workbench is great for preparation, so you don’t have to be inside while your guests are outside enjoying the sunshine.

Garden storage needn’t be cumbersome or ugly as there are so many options to choose from. You can choose to extend the themes used in your home into your garden or take the opposite route and make the garden totally unique. Let your imagination run wild and you will find storage options in unlikely places.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Jennings Containers & Storage. For more inspiration for your home and garden, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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